Top 5 YouTube Downloader App for You


Do you spend long hours on YouTube? Would you like to download YouTube videos? It is easy like never before. Just hang on, I am going to tell you about some amazing YouTube downloader apps you need.

I feel that the Vast Ocean of video content on YouTube adds colour to our lives. Whenever we face some issue, we try to find the solution on YouTube or even when we are bored, we scroll through YouTube for interesting videos. Sometimes it is difficult to watch videos online for long. I find downloading YouTube videos on my mobile phone a good way to avoid boredom when the internet is not working.  Downloaded YouTube videos make my travel interesting. Though YouTube does not allow video downloading, it is easy to do so. There are many good YouTube Downloader Apps available online.

Since Google does not support YouTube Video Downloading, these apps are not available on the Google Play store but are easy to download from the Internet.

Here, I am going to tell you about the top 5 YouTube Video Downloader Apps which will help you easily download any video from YouTube. There is a threat of fake or copied apps, so you might want to make sure that you are downloading these apps from the official website.


1. VidMate

VidMate is a powerful video downloader with many amazing features. VidMate is not just a YouTube video downloader; it allows you to download any video from the internet. Yes, you read it right!

VidMate can link with many popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram etc. and you can download any video from these platforms. Also, you can just type in the link to any website and download any video you want.

VidMate has a vast content including countless movies in different Indian languages, music and dance videos, status videos, moments and much more.

There are countless Bollywood Movies, Regional Movies which can be quickly downloaded for free! Downloading speed is very high; you can download a movie within a few minutes. Apart from movies, music and dance videos, you can access almost every video website and download videos free. If you are looking for something more than YouTube downloader app, VidMate is a perfect friend for you!

VidMate is a real pocket TV, it also offers different TV shows, regional TV shows for free download. You can operate various famous social media platforms and websites directly from VidMate. VidMate supports video downloading in various sizes and formats, so it is very easy to download videos from any platforms.

VidMate app interface is easy to use, the downloading process is not at all complex and you easily search any content you want. This YouTube downloader app is a perfect combination of TV, music player, powerful YouTube downloader and earning platform. An awesome package on entertainment, isn’t it?

2. SnapTube

SnapTube is a YouTube downloader app similar to VidMate. SnapTube allows users to watch and download YouTube Video content. In my opinion, SnapTube interface is a little complicated and the downloading process is a bit tedious. This YouTube downloader app is good for online video browsing. So if you are looking for just a YouTube downloader app, here you go! You can download this YouTube downloader directly from SnapTube official website.

SnapTube is a good app for streaming videos online when you have a good internet connection. As we know, videos consume more data as compared to browsing; sometimes it is difficult to stream videos online. So, downloading videos using such YouTube downloader apps for a go is a good option that cannot be ignored.

3. TubeMate

TubeMate is a popular YouTube downloader app for android which allows users to download videos on their mobile phones just like VidMate. This YouTube download app is one of the most searched apps and it gives pretty decent experience to the users while downloading. Besides video downloading, it is a good choice for downloading mp3 files from videos if you are a music fan. TubeMate gives you access to download full HD videos just like VidMate does.

You can consider downloading TubeMate if you are in search of a decent YouTube downloader app for android.

4. NewPipe

Nowadays, streaming online videos is one of the tedious tasks. We often face problems due to unstable network connection which makes it difficult to spend more time on streaming videos. NewPipe is a good, minimal and simple YouTube video downloading app. This video downloader allows free YouTube download. This video downloader app has features similar to other free video downloaders. You can easily operate this app for downloading mp3, YouTube videos and other files.

If you are looking for simple and minimal interface YouTube downloader app, this one is perfect for you.

5. Videoder

Videoder is one of the most popular video downloaders. This YouTube downloader app is not just limited to YouTube; it can allow you to download videos from many other sites and platforms. The similar feature is available on VidMate video downloader app. This android app is a good video downloader you might want to consider using. This app is lightweight, fast and YouTube downloader. Don’t sit idle in boredom. Just install one of these video downloaders and explore the new world of videos and free downloads.


I hope this article helped you to gain some insights on the top video downloaders. So, what are you waiting for? Install top YouTube downloader app and explore the whole new universe of the videos. Download videos and make your empty time interesting as never before!

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