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Nowadays Sad WhatsApp status quotes are gaining popularity all over the world. Like never before people in contemporary times are realizing the role of affection in life. However, some are having this realization in a hard way. While the fortunate ones are blessed with adoration for achievements. These experiences often find expression in the form of written few lines also known as adoration status. In this piece of writing, we present some emotionally driven heart touching sad WhatsApp status that will be helping you in comprehending the importance of the topic.

Part 1. 30+ Sad WhatsApp Statuses

1. We all want to be happy. The last thing we desire is pain and sorrow.

2. However, we forget that it takes rain to make a rainbow.

3. Oh, Heart! Be involved in what you are meant to do. Just keep pumping and stop being involved in everything.

4. When you are alone there is no fear of being hurt

5. Being hurt is usual. It is no big deal for me.

6. There are more than 7 billion people in this world. Still, I am single

7. The heart is like a tinder glass. Once broken you cannot put the pieces together.

8. Goodbye’s that are never explained, and never said, are never joyous

9. People whom you shouldn’t be trusting will show you why they are not worth it,

10. Silence is the best expression of pain

11. Unless they need you they keep ignoring you.

12. It hurts when you say things that you should not. But it hurts more when you do not say what you should have

13. The people you love most are the ones who can hurt.

14. I cannot make you happy so please keep a distance.

15. You became what you promised you never will.

16. I still feel aches and pain. The good thing is it lets me know that I am still alive.

17. Some just forget to count when a relationship is just meant for two

18. Life has its ups and downs. It’s like a roller coaster ride. It’s, however, the weather that will make you enjoys the ride or not

19. Life keeps teaching me lessons that I have never desired to learn

20. Holding onto a grudge is like holding a piece of burning amber. You are the one that will get burnt

21. If endings are meant to be happy then I had none

22. You feel in love without any reason that’s why you are out of it with none

23. Nothing is wasted in nature. The pain that gave us tears will show the way to grace.

24. It is a sadness that makes you realize the value of happiness

25. The desire for happiness is the root of sufferings

26. Life appears like a never-ending succession of busy nothings

27. I have been hurt I had tears but I am thankful it helped me see the truth

28. Tears are an expression of feelings that words cannot

29. Life keeps moving. Things change. Friends leave. Love wears out

30. I feel nothing I have felt so much for too long

31. Sadly, someone you love becomes someone you loved

32. When you are broken inside, you cannot hide.

Part 2. 20 sad love WhatsApp status quote

1. When you love someone and cannot have it in your arms, it hurts.

2. Love has its own set of sufferings you just need to be with the person who is worth it

3. When someone gave you a lot of love to remember it is hard to forget them

4. I tried to love you the way you are, but you simply gave it away

5. Love that was sweet in the beginning is difficult to understand

6. I just stopped showing it but never stopped loving you

7. Sorry! You cannot have an excuse when you left me without any reason

8. Stop forcing yourself in love. You cannot pull an unwilling horse to the manger.

9. Let the love walk away if it wants to. If it comes back, then it’s yours.

10. Love is like a glass. Better to leave them broken than hurt yourself putting it back together

11. It is sad not to be loved, but it is worse not to be able to love

12. The people you love may leave. It is just an end to their part in your story

13. A part of mine will always keep waiting for you even if I move on

14. Love comes like a dream but leaves like a nightmare

15. First Love Is Sweetest, but Remember First Cut Is the Deepest

16. Love touches with thousands of pleasures and breaks you into millions of pieces

17. The noblest thing in the world is to keep loving and not being loved in return

18. You see my faults because you had someone better in your mind

19. Loving someone you will never have pain, but the saddest thing is they made you believe you had a chance

20. You tore my heart apart, but it still beats for you

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