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Justin Bieber has been a backbone on the Billboard Hot 100 since his debut single was released in 2009. "Once" crested at No. 17 on the graph, yet 18 of Bieber's songs in the previous decade have become top 10 hits. From the infamous bop "Baby" to his latest rebound single "Yummy", Bieber's vocals are a dependable wagered for radio mastery. We have ranked 10 justin biebers songs free download, Bieber's most commercially famous songs, from worst to best.

Justin Biebers Songs Free Download List

  • “Beauty And A Beat” - Ft. Nicki Minaj - 945+ Million Views

Justin plugs in with Swedish hitmaker Max Martin on this dubstep flavored club banger. This highlights a commitment from Nicki Minaj who refers to Justin's girlfriend Selena Gomez when she raps: "Buns out, Weiner, but I gotta keep my eye out for Selena."

  • “Yummy” - 570+ Million Views

"Yummy" is a smooth R&B anthem that discovers Justin Bieber yelling out his wife Hailey. The pounding love melody discovers Biebs "thrilled" that she's his lady as she's "got that yummy yum." He savors each toe-curling intimate moment he spends with his partner.

  • “As Long As You Love Me” - Ft. Big Sean - 466+ Million Views

Justin affirms how genuine love can defeat all conditions on this Believe electro jam. He sings, "As long as you love me. We could be starving. We could be broke," which is an issue the Canadian star is probably not going to experience over the next few years.

  • “Intentions” - Ft. Quavo - 72+ Million Views

Justin Bieber was adored up when he recorded Changes, as each track on the album was propelled by his wife Hailey. Here, he thanks his parents in law for raising his marriage partner and guarantees his most extreme consideration to her.

  • “Never Say Never” - Ft. Jaden Smith - 990+ Million Views

This is the official theme melody for the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid. The tune is performed by Justin and the 11-year-old son of actor Will Smith, Jaden Smith.

  • “What Do You Mean?” - 2.1+ Billion Views

This was Justin Bieber's second progressive single in which the song title is a four-word question. It followed his joint effort with Skrillex and Diplo, "Where Are U Now."

  • “Boyfriend” - 814+ Million Views

When you're a teen superstar, you don't get the day away from work on your 18th birthday celebration, so when Justin turned 18 on March 1, 2012, he dedicated a piece of his uncommon day to show up on The Ellen Degeneres Show. During their discussion, Justin reported this song as the first single from his third album, Believe.

  • “Love Yourself” - 1.5+ Billion Views

This won for Favorite Pop/Rock Song at the 2016 American Music Awards. Bieber was the enormous champ of the night, with four honors: he also won for Favorite Male Artist, Video of the Year ("Sorry"), and Favorite Album (Purpose).

  • “Baby” - Ft. Ludacris - 2.4+ Billion Views

This is the lead single from the latter half of Justin Bieber's debut album, My World (Part II). Ludacris additionally includes on the track rapping about his first love.

  • “Sorry” - 3.3+ Billion Views

After a run of ill-mannered conduct that included careless driving, public urination, and even an occurrence including a black market monkey, Justin Bieber indicated some humility in 2015, saying 'sorry' for a portion of his wrongdoings and exposing himself to a Comedy Central roast.

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