Hindi Song App | 8 Best Music Streaming Apps in Hindi


Music has always been an integral part of most of the Indians. But yes, the way of listening to music has been changed, which is because of technological advancements. Today’s era has bought the music to our fingertips through various apps, which comprise of all types of music right from the old Bollywood to the current rap. Because of the rate of content consumption in the Indian market, many new and existing companies are giving their best to generate revenue from this music streaming sector of India and provide a treat to Indian music lovers. Right from the 70s songs of Kishore Kumar to 90s songs of Kumar Sanu to the latest Arjit Singh songs, people love to listen to all the songs as per their choice.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to Vidmate, the most loved hindi song app globally for listening to all types of Hollywood and Bollywood songs along with other top 8 apps for listening to music.

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Part 1. Enjoy Hindi Song App: Vidmate

You can call Vidmate as a one-stop solution for all your music needs. Whether you are looking for regional songs, Bollywood or Hollywood songs, you can get all of them with few clicks. You can either stream them online or can download them on your mobile to enjoy anytime. Listen to Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bangla and other regional songs without any charge. Explore new or old songs as per your mood in this app. Type the song name in the search bar, and you will get the song within seconds. Vidmate has an excellent collection of romantic songs, sad songs, Bhakti geet, kids Rhymes, Rock music, and many more.

Who is your favorite singer? Is it Arjit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Badshah, AR Rahman, Guru Randhawa, Lata Mangeshkar, Alka Yagnik, Kishor Kumar, or any other singer? Well! You can listen to an ample number of songs from your favorite singer on this platform. You can enjoy both audio and video songs as per your choice.

So, are you a true music lover who loves to listen to the music of every genre? If yes, then visit the official website of Vidmate and download the app now!

Part 2. 8 Best Music Streaming Apps in India

Spotify- Music for everyone

You can’t complete your list of best music streaming apps without mentioning the name of Spotify. This Sweden based company put its first step in the Indian market in 2019, and within a week, it has gained 1 million users. Its user-friendly algorithm and suggestions are loved by most of the music-lovers. It suggests the best songs to the users as per their individual choice. It works on the freemium and premium model, which implies that it is a combination of free subscription and paid plans. For the first three months, users can avail of free subscriptions, and once done, they need to pay Rs. 119/ month. Paid plans allow you to listen to uninterrupted music as it doesn’t contain any distracting ads. You can also use features like offline playback and multi-device access in the premium version.


Initially gained fame in the market with the name Saavn in 2017, the company has merged itself with Jio and renamed as JioSaavn. The name itself reflects the passion for music, as Saavn means the rainy season in Hindi. This app contains 45 million songs, and you can get all regional songs, English songs, and Hindi songs in the same app. Reliance network users can make any of their favorite music as their caller tune. The business model of this app is both freemium and premium, with rates starting from Rs. 99/month. The trial period is 90 days, and in premium packages, users can enjoy ad-free music and offline playback. One can also take advantage of podcasts and radio streaming.

Gaana- Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana

The app was launched back in 2010, and this app has earned name and fame in the Indian market with 100+ monthly users. Times Internet founded this app, and it has a huge collection of songs in 21 languages with 45+ million songs. Gaana app also allows users to come up with their personalized music playlist, which can be used by other users. This app also provides free service until 90 days, and the premium plans start with Rs. 99/month. Paid service includes HD music streaming, offline download, music without ads, and unlimited songs. Radio streaming and podcasts are also available in the paid version.

YT Music

We all are well aware of YT. But this YT Music app has given the toughest fight to all other music streaming apps in India. Its paid plans cover ad-free music, background, and offline playback, skipping, and scrubbing. It starts with Rs. 99/month. The most significant benefit of this app is you can playback videos and music in the same app. You can get all the videos that are uploaded on YT in the music format in this app. This service was launched in 2019. Its has a user-friendly interface, and you can listen to the music of all the genres. The app gives music suggestions to all the users based on their music streaming history.

Wynk Music- Better way to listen to music

Owned by Airtel, this app is the first among all other music streaming apps that provide free service to all the Airtel users. It contains all the latest and oldest songs of different regional languages and Hindi. Apart from Airtel users, one can avail of free service until one month, and after that, users have to pay Rs. 60/month for enjoying unlimited songs of different genres.

Apple music- It hits all the right notes

This music app is owned by Apple and is popular among 100 countries. The company initially started the app as a music streaming app, but later on, they added the features of video streaming too. This app aims to emerge as a one-stop cultural platform, or you can say pop culture in the coming years. This app contains 50 million+ songs, and you can listen to songs in Apple car play. This app gives three months free subscription to all users, and users are supposed to pay Rs. 49/month later on. You can download this app in iTunes, iOS, and Android devices.

Amazon Prime Music- Free with Amazon Prime

Starting with Rs. 129/month, this app caters to music streaming services along with Amazon prime video and prime delivery services in its e-commerce arm. Amazon prime music was the first platform that started its service in 2017 under the name of Amazon MP3. This music app doesn’t have any free subscription plans, and users have to pay it before using this app. Its premium plans contain ad-free music streaming. For enhancing user experience, the app comes with voice assistance, Alexa.

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