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Laughter is the best medicine, and we all know it very well. Lovely animals, cute babies, and hilarious memes can keep you happy all day. You might have come across various funny videos and want to share it with your friends. But do you know the site from where you can get a bundle of funny videos? If No, then keep reading to watch a funny video and download them with VidMate App in no time.

Part 1. Kids & baby funny videos compilation

Laugh hard with kids funny videos. These videos show the innocence of kids and their reaction to certain things, which makes us laugh a lot. Kids and babies can entertain anyone as their amazing expressions can make you their fan. Here is the YouTube link of kids funny video for making your laugh like a baby!

Part 2. Pets & animal funny videos compilation

Animals are very adorable, and yes, they can entertain you with their funny videos. Try to control your laughter after watching funny animal videos, and you will find it difficult to do so. So be ready to roll on the floor while laughing. Watch this hilarious video of the funny animal which will make you laugh for the day.

Part 3. Stupid boys funny videos compilation

Sometimes, stupidity is also very funny, right? Watching stupid boys videos can make you laugh, and this is what the aim of these videos. So, start laughing and refresh your mood as we are here with funny boys video, which will not allow you to sit silently. So laugh, laugh, and laugh!

Part 4. Top 5 Funny Video Sites


This website has gained popularity among the majority of people globally. Excellent collection of high-quality funny videos has made this site a favorite destination for video lovers. On this website, the tweets are also categorized as per the funny video face, thus grabbing the attention of maximum viewers.


You can find ample varieties of funny videos based on different situations for refreshing your mind. Apart from videos, you can also find funny GIFs, jokes, and pictures on this site. You can easily download the funny videos and pictures for sharing it with your friends and community.


The website contains stage comedy videos by considering different user choices. There are different categories of videos for making it easy for users to pick their favorite one. Irrespective of age, anyone can join this website either via social media or directly. This site allows user to download the videos and share them as per their convenience.


As we all are aware of the versatility of YouTube, it has a huge collection of funny videos that you can stream and download in no time. You can look for the required video category, or simply type it in the search bar and you will get a heap of funny videos to watch.


This platform is another good alternative after YouTube for watching video online and download them instantly. It has a huge server base for entertaining you with excellent video stuff. Like YouTube, you can easily get funny videos by searching it through the search bar. Once the result appears through the desired search, click on any video, and it will start entertaining you without any delay.

Part 5. Download funny video free with Vidmate

Watch funny videos and laugh a lot with Vidmate. This app can entertain you with a few clicks. Laughing makes us forget all the worries, and it freshen up our mind. Get all the funny videos at one place with Vidmate. Whether you want to laugh at the activities of babies, pets, or stupid boys, just type it in the search bar, and you are good to go!

Step: 1 Download the Vidmate app and open it

Step: 2 Look for your favorite video by typing it on the search bar.

Step: 3. Click on the desired video.

Step: 4 Click on the download option, and the downloading process will start.

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