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Bengali films are incomplete without their melodic music. Like the movies, we are eagerly awaiting the songs in these movies. There are no exceptions this year. I heard great buzz tracks that will last forever. It began in 2018 with a Bengali audience announcing "Rockiti'' by Anupam Roy of "Dresticon". Dronibel Saa once again delivered quality music in the Bengali film Ata Lemon's 'Ata Monte Achla' by Details D. Gupta, and at the end of the year a gentle shot of "Anburata" from "Rosogora" appeared and the heartbeat "Kitshutani". Armie masters all of the music lists of singer Ann Shah in Tahariya from "Shah Jahan Regency". Check out the top ten Bengali songs. You cannot stop the buzz. For Bangla songs download, checks the links mentioned below.

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Part.1 10 Best Bangla songs download of 2019-2020

Eso Hi "from" Ek Je Chhilo Raja"

The first single "Esho Hey" from "Ek Je Chhilo Raja" escaped delving into classical Indian music using "Raag Kedar". Indra baptizes Dasgupta, and the beautiful composition of Sri Jatto symbolizes the colonial essence of Lahukio. The best part of the last song are the beautiful voices of Saria Goshel and Ishan Mitra. There is no need to display the talent of Saria Goshel, but the way she supports beginners like Ishan Mitra is certainly commendable. For Bangla songs download check the link given below.

"Montharo" and not "Aarmon".

In Monte Ahrar, the soothing Nildt style and the inspiring Srijit Mukherjee lyrics complement the refreshing Dorniver Saha. The romantic way must touch your soul. Romantic songs have won millions of hearts and have become one of the great Bengali film songs of the year. Dorniver was absorbed into music again with the full band in music. As in the Pratim D Gupta movie itself, the music of "Ahare Mon" is pleasing to the musical ear. To download Bangla Songs 2019 check the link given below

"Haraja Jwar Gun" by "Uma"

It was the first song from the online release "Ohma" and was revealed as a tune by All Souls. "Hanuyeja Wargan" broke all the records of the ensemble, composition, vocals and music of "Anupam Roi". Jishu Sangupta, Sayantika, Shrivanti Chatterjee, and the cute Sarah Sengupta present what the lyrical character will experience in the film. Sarigit Muharri is the director of an emotional drama that his desperate father tries to create Durga Puja from Kolkata before it is time for the sick child to breathe forever. To download Bengali hot songs check the links given below.

"Amar Dukkhoo golo" from "Drishtikona".

Dukhogolo's Drishtikolu's super song Kaishik Gangoli "Amar Dukogolo" was an instant hit. The song created and sung by Anopham Roy won millions of hearts. The song features three main musicians: Prozhanit Chetragi, Ritfarna Sangupta and Chorni Gangoli. It also illustrates the relationships between these three main personal people. Music, whether in a movie or in real life, becomes an emotional connection in any relationship. Not only the content, but the music of "Drasticon" also captivated the audience, making this year's film song the second largest musical sensation.

Ruthi Nina from "Ek Je Chhilo Raja"

To make the taste of classical music more special, here we present the perfect song "Ruthey Naina" from the movie "Ek Je Chhilo Raja" by Sri Jit Mukherji. This material was beautifully composed by Indraadip Das Gupta and written by Srijato. The sound of renowned classical singer Kaussiki Chakarverti makes him quiet. Music lovers will definitely be happy to enjoy their voice is a great combination. The first launch part of the song is very good and gives the rest of this classic song a mood.

Bule Jeo from the "Generation Army"

It's an emotional track and completely different from the rest of the songs in the film. The rest of the songs explore the passion of the hero Apo who played Revitobroto Mukherji faster. But "Bhule Jeo" is a sad and slow song that shows emotional detail in the role of a cousin of Durga Saura Sunny Mitra. The emotional trajectories were further influenced by the spiritual voice of Emeritsin, written by Plzen and composed by Allendum Chetraji. The song begins with Amega Rita singing Sarjam and soon feels Durga. This spiritual expulsion will touch your heart immediately. Please try. You'll love it.

Ka Ami Kutai from "Ek Je Chhilo Raja"

"Ke Kei Kothay" comes with an influential song composed by Indraadip Das Gupta from Srijato's Keywords. The intimate and charming man was sung in the talented voice of Arjit Singh. Who is? Is he a prince, a politician or a swindler? What is his true identity? All of these questions make the song more exciting.

"Tomer Patcheldesh" by "Disgrace"

When it comes to the mix of composer Indra Deepta Gupta and singer Arijit Singh, the results will definitely be enjoyable for our musical years. After Judy Puncheri's amazing relationship, the latest single "Tomar Pachedesh" from Beijing in Kauchik Gangori is no exception. The combination of Indra and Arijit dipping has never disappointed our sense of many hits over the years. The Indra dip uses minimal musical processing to allow Arijit's voice to play "Tomer Pasha Dasha". The lyrical feeling brought complete justice with amazing singing and the spectacular arrangement of the Indra dips.

"Tui Ki Kore Dili" from "Ghare and Baire"

This painful route of Anupam Roy created an online sensation shortly after its release. A new urban touch to the melody, interwoven with various nuances of youthful romantic relationships, is like the USP of the song. This little boy falls in love with a girl. Romantic characters have a vibrant and cheerful vibe that fully supports the pop soundtrack. "Tui Ki Cole Dili" also tells how the girl completely confused the man's life.

The Tabor The Tabor of Rosogula

Composing and singing for Dota Rabbit, this song is a painful and intimate track full of innocence. For "Rosogola", Pavel has to restore the old Kolkata, and this song gives a glimpse into it. The song still manages the chart and shows why "Rosogolla" was titled "mishti premer galpo." A fictional autobiography captures the journey of Nabin Chandra Das, from humble backgrounds to entrepreneurs.

Part.2 More 20 Bengali new songs

Tumi Jodi Chao

It is a melodious song with beautiful picturization that portrays and the simple and little nothings of love

Tomat Hoy Jete Chai

Md Irgan and Sayani Palit have beautifully sung the song.

Abar Phire Eley

The song belongs to the movie Dwitiyo purush, and Arijit Singh beautifully sings it.

Sune ne

This song belongs to the movie Love Aj KAL Porshu featuring Dev Arijit and Nikhita Gandhi

Je Kawta Din

The song belongs to the movie Dwitiyo Purush and features Anupam Roy and Iman.

Aye Dekhe Jaa

The song belongs to the movie Love Aj Kaal Porshu, and Arijit Singh has sung it.

Jege Jege

The song belongs to the movie Urran, and Shreya Ghoshal sings it beautifully.

Kon Gopone

The song belongs to the movie Brhama Janaen Goppon Kommo ti.

Madhumashey Phool Photey

It belongs to the movie Maayakumari sung beautifully by Madhubanti Bagchi.

Tui Chol

It belongs to the movie Brahma Janen Goppon kommo ti.

Bhalo Beshey Kono Bhul Korini

The song belongs to the movie Bindass sung by Arijit Singh

Tomake Chere Ami ki niye thakbo

Habbib and Tulsi Kumar have sung the song

Money Meg Jom te thake

It is a beautiful song featuring Jeet and sung by Arijit Sing

Poran Jai Joliya Re

James has beautifully sung this song

Nesha Nesha E ki Nesha Choke

The song belongs to the Bengali film Deewana

Tumi Jodi

This song belongs to the movie ami Sudha chichi today sung by Hidey Khan

Mon Mane Na

Ruben Gag and June have sung the song.

Tor Priiter Agun

This song belongs to the movie Action sung by Nakash Aziz. Roshni and Akash.

Bhajo Gourango

The song is from the movie Challenge and features Dev

Remix Kawali

The song belongs to the movie Bindass, and Neha Kakkar and Nakash Aziz have sung it.

Part.3 Download Bangla Songs on Mobile

Listening to music is a favourite pastime of many of us, and that too in our mother tongue has a different charm. If you love to listen to Bangali songs, then Vidmate has something special to offer you. This app contains unlimited Bangla video songs both the oldest and latest. So, as per your mood, you can enjoy romantic, sad, motivational, love or any other genre song in Bangla. Also, this app contains TV shows, movies and Whatsapp status videos which you can download in your mother tongue and other languages.

Steps for downloading Bangla songs through Vidmate.

Step:1 Visit Vidmate's official website and download the app from there.

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Step:2 Open the app and type on the search bar your desired song name, or you can type any other keyword.

Step:3 Click on the song you want to listen to from the list, which you will get through the search result.

Step:4 For downloading that song click on the download option as shown.

Step:5 Again, click on the download option by choosing the desired pixel to save it permanently in your mobile.

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