Apps like Snaptube to Download Video


Snaptube is an Android application that allows users to listen to music and watch videos by downloading them from various sites like YT and Dailymotion. You can also download videos from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram through Snaptube. It has compatibility with different sites; some of those are extremely free, like YT. In the case of social media, users are supposed to log in or sign up for downloading videos. Apart from this platform, there are Snaptube Alternative app available, which you can avail, as there are some shortcomings of Snapchat, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Part 1. Snaptube’s shortcomings

Let’s have a quick look:

· Snaptube requires a lot of space in your mobile, and this is something most of the users don’t want. Your mobile might contain an ample number of apps that you use frequently. And in such cases, you may be worried about apps that consume a lot of space.

· Snaptube only works on Android devices. This is one more limitation of this platform, there are users who prefer to use other operating systems like Apple, and for such users, Snaptube is not worth it.

· Snaptube has limited movie collection, and this is again sad news for movie lovers. As being a true movie lover, you may want to watch movies of different languages along with the latest and old movies.

Part 2. Why we choose Vidmate

Whatever shortcomings Snaptube has, they are overcome by Vidmate App. Just like Snaptube, Vidmate allows you to download unlimited videos and music. But it is not limited to this only. You can also download or stream online the latest and old movies as per your choice. You can find videos of different categories in this app and can download them in a few seconds for watching them offline. Millions of users prefer Vidmate for watching movies and listening to music. Below are some points which make Vidmate a popular app among various music and movie fans.

· This app gives you an option to download either MP3 or MP4 files.

· This is a user-friendly app that can be conveniently used in routine life.

· Its excellent interface allows users to search for the desired music or movie with ease.

· And yes, there is no additional charge to use this app.

· Not just YT, you can use Vidmate for more than 20 sites.

· It caters excellent quality of videos that you will love to watch.

· You can stream or download supreme quality music, unlimited movies, and various TV shows through this app.

Vidmate is packed with the latest movies, songs, funny images, and TV shows. Moreover, you can pause the video and resume the videos after downloading them in your device. So, install an app that can give you 200% more downloading speed as compared to other sources. Its advanced technology help users to make optimum usage of their internet. Vidmate supports file formats like MKA, AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, M4A, and much more.

So, if you think that Vidmate is the desired app which you will love to keep in your mobile and ultimately in your pocket, then download it from its official website.

Part 3. The other 5 alternative App


It is one of the best alternatives for Vidmate and caters to the same services as of like Vidmate. In the beginning, TubeMate allowed users to download videos from only authorized sources, but now you can download movies from any well-known media sharing sites. Through TubeMate, you can get good quality movies of your choice.


This is another good alternative to Vidmate. You can download videos present on other video sharing platforms through this app. Its user-friendliness has made the audience to navigate easily through the desired genre. Its interface is segregated into relevant tabs, which adds more convenience. But the only disadvantage of this app is it doesn’t allow you to download audio clips. You should download the video clip with it for fetching the media content.


This app is for downloading all types of videos from a different platform. The interface of this app is quite similar to that of Vidmate. At the very first glance, you can see a search bar in the app from where you can search the desired video instead of snooping everywhere. With a few clicks, this app allows users to download multiple videos from different sources like YT, Instagram, Facebook, DailyMotion, and others.


If you have opened the Videorder app for watching videos, then search on the search bar by typing the relevant keyword, and you are good to go! Videorder is known for searching websites in no time, and permit you to download high-resolution videos.


This is another renowned app for downloading videos from popular platforms. For adding more user-friendliness, you can choose your own language and gender in this app. Moreover, the app interface contains an ample number of genres at the top, which makes it more fun to use the app.

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