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Agnez MO is a famous Indonesian artist and pop singer whose work and performance are hugely followed in South Asia. She is also a well-known social activist for her efforts in stopping human trafficking. Her success as an artist is a legacy to be reckoned with. Even today, her numbers make it to the top of the chartbusters. If you are searching for a reliable source of Agnez MO songs download, then you can check the YT.

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Part 1. Top 15 Agnez Mo Songs Download

1. Overdose

Agnez Mo directed this song with a feat of Chris Brown. It is one of the songs that is widely streamed in the US and Asia.

2. Damn I love You

The song belongs to the Album X that was released in the year 2017. Ever since its release, it is one of the widely listened numbers in the world. If you are desirous to download Agnez MO songs, then you can check the link given below.

3. Coke Bottle

Agnez MO and Timbaland, T.I have sung this song. Interestingly the title of the album and the song is the same here “Coke Bottle”. For Agnez MO songs MP3 free download, you can check the link provided below.

4. Mathariku

It is one of the softest songs of the artist and has a beautiful and heart touching tune that you will love to listen again. If you wish to download Agnez MO songs album, then click the link given below.

5. Tak Ada Logika

The song belongs to the album the Whaddup A. It is composed brilliantly by Yudis Dwikora and Yoyo.

6. Karena Ku Sanggup

The song belongs to the album Agnes is My Name. It was released in the year 2011 and happened to be a beautiful composition of Andi Rianto.

7. Sebuah Rasa

It is one of the most melodious songs of the artist. Composers Pay and Dewiq do a good job in this song.

8. Jera

The song belongs to the album “, And The Story Goes” and it is a graceful composition of Melly Goeslaw.

9. Teruskanlah

The song belongs to the album Sacredly Agnezious, which was released in the year 2009 and composed beautifully by Pay/Dewiq

10. Tanpa Kekasihku

The song is undoubtedly a piece of gem from the album Whaddup -A which was released in the year 2005.

11. Goda Aku Lagi

The song hails from the album Agnes Is My Name that was released in 2009.

12. Bilang Saja

This song belongs to the And The Story Goes, which was released in the year 2003.

13. Bukan Milikmu Lagi

It is another masterpiece of a song from the artist that you will want to hear in a loop.

14. Nanana

It is one of those songs that you can match your steps, thanks to its slow-moving beats.

15. Wanna Be Loved

Sasha and Agnez MO direct this song.

Part 2. Agnez Mo career

It was in the year 2003 when Agnez Mo released her first adulthood album, And The Story Goes. In this album, she got the chance to work with different producers and songwriters. The album took almost 18 months to complete. It became a smashing hit, and more than 35000 copies of this album were sold.

Two years later she launched her second studio album that goes by the name of Whaddup A. It featured five songs, and each of them went on to top the country’s chartbuster. The album was also a huge commercial success as it won two awards for Best Pop Female Solo Artist and the Best R&B production work. In 2008, she started working on her third studio album where she released the first single Matahariku.

Part 3. Download Agnez Mo Songs to MP3 on Mobile

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