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Part 1. Marathi Status Videos Download HD

Hi, all Whatsapp status lovers! Do you spend most of your time looking for different Whatsapp status? Download the Vidmate app and stop your internet search. We all need entertainment, especially in our free time. We are in the habit of checking the status of others and want our friends to see our status. Thus to make your friends appreciate your status, Vidmate is here. Do Marathi Whatsapp status video download through this app. This app has an exhaustive collection of status videos of different moods. And it is very easy to use this app. Simply, use the search bar to fetch any video, movie, TV show, Whatsapp status video.

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Make sure that you download the app from the official website, as downloading it from third-party sites may contain some risk. This app is safe, and there are millions of user of this app who are using this app from years for entertainment. Moreover, this app allows you to stream videos online; thus you can watch videos in both online and offline mode. So, share status videos in Marathi or in any other language with Vidmate and stay connected with your loved ones.

Part 2. Best 10 Marathi Whatsapp Status Videos

1. Memory card Marathi status| Marathi Couple Whatsapp status

This video shows a school time love and how the boy explains the importance of mobile to his teacher in a funny manner

2. New Marathi Whatsapp status video 2019| Marathi status

This video is a short clipping of a movie. It is narrating a girl’s feelings about her husband.

3. Marathi #love status Marathi Whatsapp status New #marathi status

This is a melodious song that you will love to listen to. This video will not only make you remember your first love but will enhance your love with your life partner.

4. New Marathi Whatsapp status video 2019| Marathi Status

This is a romantic song that has gained popularity among many Marathi fans. Enjoy it, and refresh your mood.

5. Love| Marathi status

This video can give you a lesson about life. It has a strong message which can change your way of thinking.

6. Marathi Mandali

This video shows the role of a father in our life. It tells us how our father has taught us important lessons about life.

7. Shala Marathi status Shala Whatsapp status

This video shows a boy’s love for a girl and how his senior advice him not to focus on all such things

Part 3. Funny Marathi Status Videos

1. Marathi funny status video

This funny video can make you laugh a lot because of its dubbed song. Don’t laugh alone, share this video with your friends, and make them smile.

2. Marathi funny video

This 2-minute video shows the fighting between two persons in a funny manner. Laugh and make others laugh through this video.

3. #Marathi_black_screen status New Marathi status Marathi Dj remix status

This video with black background shares a joke related to the student’s condition in the exam hall.

4. #Marathi_black_screen status New Marathi status Marathi Dj remix status

This is again a black screen video in which you can laugh on the funny answer given by a boy for choosing his girlfriend.

5. Funny tiktok video| Whatsapp status video| Marathi status

This video shows a funny conversation between two friends. Enjoy this cool video, and post it on Whatsapp status for fun.

6. Funny Marathi status

Enjoy the funny conversation between a boy and a guy working in a petrol pump. The funny tone of the petrol pump guy can make you laugh aloud.

7. #Marathi_black_screen status New Marathi status Marathi Dj remix status

This video is for those people who are tobacco addicted. This video’s song reveals its condition in a funny manner.

Part 4. 30s Marathi Status Videos

1. Marathi status video| sad whatsapp status

This is a motivational video, which can inspire you to attain such a position in life that people approach you for solutions.

2. Father Special| Whatsapp Marathi status video

This is a very emotional song from the movie ‘Ventilator.’ The song shows the relations between a father and son. Share this video with your father, and thanks to them for a great life your parents gifted you.

3. Duniyadari status- Marathi status #1| Best Marathi status video

This video is taken from the movie ‘Duniyadari.’ The video is about the famous dialogue from that movie. Listen to it and share if you like

4. Majhya Mana| Whatsapp Marathi Status video

This is a beautiful Marathi song, which you will love to listen to. This video shows the love of a girl and the memories she still remembers when she was with her soulmate.

5. Tu Havishi Mala|| Marathi Romantic Whatsapp status video

This melodious song will again make you fall in love with your partner. Enjoy the lyrics of the song as they reveal true love.

6. Marathi Suvichar status video

Read the message which this video conveys. There are certain things which we know but never follow. This video makes us aware of such facts.

Part 5. Latest Marathi Status Videos

1. New romantic school love story Whatsapp status| Shala Marathi web series

This shows school time love. Watch how a boy says sorry to his friend, whom he loves. Enjoy the innocence of both.

2. New Marathi Whatsapp status video 2019| Marathi status

This is the best romantic song with heart touching lyrics and a nice scene. Watch it and feel the freshness of love for your lover.

3. New Marathi Whatsapp status video 2019| Marathi status

This video shows the reality of life. Watch it, feel it, and share it with your friends.

4. New Marathi Whatsapp status video 2019| Marathi status

This video shows how a person decided to do the welfare of a village, and with his hard work, he achieved that. Enjoy the video and the motivational song, which inspires the audience to achieve what they dream.

5. New Marathi Whatsapp status video 2019| Marathi status

This video is from the movie ‘Naal.’ The movie story revolves around the love between a mother and her adopted child. The video shows how the boy tries to convince his mother to go outside to play.

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