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My dear friends, it is true that we all love our mother tongue. When it comes to uploading Kannada whatsapp status, it doubles our emotion, when we find the post in our language. Vidmate understands the same. And that’s the reason it allows you to fetch different Kannada status video in your mother tongue. So is your mother tongue Kannada? Download Whatsapp staus in Kannada from Vidmate. Whether you are looking for love, romance, sad, funny, or any type of whatsapp status, this app has an exhaustive collection of every mood. And you can avail that with few clicks.

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Most of the Whatsapp lovers like downloading the videos and posting them in Whatsapp status. But finding Whatsapp status videos of different moods on the internet can be a time taking process, as you are supposed to visit various sites for the same. But on the Vidmate APK platform, you can get all types of media files with no trouble, and that too at no cost. This app has no limitations for downloading files, save the post in your mobile as much as you desire. So, start doing it from now, download the app, and that’s it!

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Part 1. Funny WhatsApp Status Kannada Videos

We are here for your complete entertainment. Here you will find all types of entertainment videos like 30 seconds funny videos and 1-minute funny videos, which will make you laugh to the fullest. Funny videos not only keep you entertained but also allow you to share these entertaining videos with your friends through Whatsapp status. You can download full-screen high-quality videos from the internet, and of course, these Whatsapp status supports such videos. You can go with funny Whatsapp status in Kannada for spreading laughter and adding fun in your loved one's life.

It is true that images and videos can spread more laughter than words. Funny Videos are certainly a good medium for spreading millions of words that can make your day and fill it with laughter. Comedy jokes play a pivotal role in our life. They allow our minds to feel relax, and sharing such videos with others gives you an opportunity to bring a smile on their face.

1. This funny video reminds us of the games we used to play in our childhood

Funny WhatsApp status videos | kannada WhatsApp status video:

2. This funny video shows the fight between the corona and lockdown people. Laugh loud after watching this video.

Corona Funny Status|| Kannada Troll Status

3. This funny clipping is of a reality show. Watch it and enjoy the comedy between these guys.

Kannada funny status videos

Funny Whatsapp video Kannada

4. This funny animated video can make you laugh a lot. It shows the thought process of two buffaloes.

Funny Whatsapp video Kannada

5. This video shows you how to prevent yourself from the coronavirus in a funny manner.

CoronaVirus Whatsapp status video

Part 2. Love WhatsApp Status Kannada Videos

If you are Kannada and want to express love to someone, then doing it in your mother tongue has its own charm. Love has no language, but to communicate your love, you need a language. Love Whatsapp Status in Kannada is quite trending and the easiest manner to do this. Just download these videos and share them on your status, to make it visible to your loved one. When you are in love, you may come across different emotions; you may be excited, sad, or in a good mood. You can find all such status videos .

Here we are posting links of some videos which will allow you to express your love with your dear one. It just takes a few of your seconds to download such videos of different genres. It is also easy to share these videos on Whatsapp as this platform supports most of the videos in its status section.

1. You might have experienced a college life love, and this video is also based on this. Enjoy it with a sweet background song.

New Kannada Whatsapp status video 2019

2. This sweet romantic song in a female voice will make you listen to it multiple times. Enjoy it to the fullest.

New Kannada Whatsapp status video 2019

3. This 33 seconds song will increase your love with the partner, keep this video in your Whatsapp status, for making others enjoy the same.

Love status video Kannada/ Whatsapp status video Kannada

4. This is again a romantic song, full of love and beautiful lyrics. Listen to it when you are with your partner to enjoy this song.

New Kannada Whatsapp status video 2019

5. This melodious song with magical lyrics will surely make its place in your Whatsapp status.

Latest love feeling Kannada Whatsapp status video

Part 3. Life attitude WhatsApp Status Kannada Videos

Are you looking for Life attitude Status in Kannada? We are here to provide you with some links of status videos that you will love to post on your Whatsapp status. Kannada is mainly spoken in Karnataka. We are in the habit of sharing our day to day life feelings or moods on social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. And if you are able to share such things in our mother tongue, then this is the best thing which you will love to share. So here we are with some videos which you can download immediately on your devices and can share with your friends and family.

Life is full of experiences, and sometimes we need some inspirational and motivational quotes for keeping ourselves on the right track. Below are a few video links related to life, which will make you a fan of these quotes.

1. Below are some inspirational messages in Kannada, which can give a new direction to your life.

Best Kannada Attitude Whatsapp Status

2. In this video, you can see Mr. Ravichandran, who is giving an inspirational speech to their fans.

Ravichandran Golden Words

3. In the below video, you can see Mr. Yash Boss giving some inspirational messages to their fans. He is a famous actor and has worked in many Kannada movies.

Yash Boss Inspirational speech| Life is inspiration

4. Below is the motivational song, which inspires the audience to dream high.

Kannada new attitude Whatsapp status | dheerane sudeep

5. This video is related to education and students can take a good message from this video

Kannada Motivational Status

Part 4. Sad Status Kannada Videos

In some parts of life, we get some sad moments that we want to share with our friends. Bad moments never last long, but at that time, we have to fight with them bravely. Here we are with some sad Whatsapp status in Kannada, which will allow you to know how people feel when they are sad and how you can lower down your sad mood. Below we are mentioning some of the video links which you can call heart touching status, which you can share with your friends for expressing your situation to your dear ones.

Putting such status in your Whatsapp will let your friends know about your situation, and they can help you to recover from this situation. So, let’s have a quick look at such Whatsapp status. Watch videos, as you might relate your feelings with such videos.

1. Below is the heart touching sad song in Kannada which you can listen in a sad mood

Evergreen sad love feeling song Kannada

2. The video shows some love failure dialogues, and if you are sad because of your partner, then this video can match with your feelings.

Sad love failure dialogues || New Kannada Whatsapp status

3. This is a sad song in Kannada. You may love to listen to it, as it describes how a person feels when sad

Very sad Whatsapp status||new Kannada love break status

4. This is again a sad song, the video will recall you of your lover, in case of a breakup.

New Kannada Whatsapp status video 2019||rock world

5. This is a sad song, showing one-sided love for a girl. Watch it if you are also feeling the same.

New Kannada Whatsapp status video 2018 sad song

Part 5. Cool Status Kannada Videos

Sometimes you may want to post some cool status videos or images on your Whatsapp status. Knowing the same, we have collected some best YouTube links for you, which contains cool videos that can refresh your mind, and you will love them to post on your Whatsapp status. We always want our friends to appreciate our status, and posting such cool status can make this happen. Everyone wants to refresh their mood, and the best way to do so is by watching some good videos.

The good thing about these cool videos is that any of your family members can watch these videos. Hence you don’t have to think much while putting these status videos on your Whatsapp status. Just take a look at the Cool Whatsapp Status in Kannada, and we are sure you will love them.

1. The below video contains a nice song which can soothe your mind, listen to it silently and you will surely enjoy it.

Cool Status

2. This video shows a short story of a family which includes mother, father, and their son.

Funny video/ Kannada fun/jokes/Kannada comedy video

3. This video is for cricket lovers. If you love M S Dhoni, then you will enjoy this video

M S Dhoni (captain cool) whatsapp status in Kannada 2019

4. Enjoy this song. It will surely refresh your mind, as sometimes we love to listen to slow songs.

Golden star Ganesha Whatsapp status video| cool Kannada film| ganesh

5. This short video will definitely entertain you, as it shows the benefits of being single in a funny manner

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