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If you have always cherished to get hold of an application that will let you download and share your favorite video and music files from Facebook, Instagram, and YT, then look no further than Videoder. In the contemporary app market for Windows and Android platform Videoder is one of the most popular frees of cost downloading service. This article aims to throw light on the pros and cons of Videoder. It will also enlighten on other options that you can avail of as a substitute for Videoder, as there is a videoder alternative app available in the market. Its ease of installation and convenience in usage makes it one of the most coveted apps in the market.

Part 1. Videoders shortcomings

In contemporary times, it is going through a purple patch. Reaching new zeniths of total worldwide downloads as days passes by its parabola of growth is far away from striking a flat curve. Putting the words of praises aside, like all human creations, it does have some technical glitches which an ardent perfectionist will not spare from criticizing.

Often when people use this app, they experience a sudden interruption where the screen freezes with an error message. If you think that this is frustrating then brace yourself for more unexpected technical snags that will put your patience into a test.

We are living in an era where the speed of internet connectivity has witnessed substantial improvement with the emergence of 3G and 4G technology. We expect to get our files to be downloaded in our device in a whisker. Given the speeds that can reach up to 10Mbps, these expectations have a credible base? Unfortunately, the Videoder seems to have compromised on the speed with which you can download your favourite videos from sites like YT. By now, you have a decent understanding to ascertain the suitability of Videoder to download videos from YT.

We do not want to leave you disappointed, but there is a fuss in the market that due to some alterations configurationally in the YT site Videoder is no longer compatible to download video from this site.

Part 2. A better choice –Vidmate

Vidmate is an application providing seamless features that allow its user to download multimedia files including videos, audio-visual clips free of cost. Since its induction in the app market, Vidmate has soared its way to make a place among the top applications that let you download videos from platforms like YT, Facebook and other video sharing platforms.

Vidmate has a delightful feature that provides auto adjustment of video screen through the identification of your device’s screen resolutions. It is also compatible to operate on web browsers; therefore, you can download and watch videos on the go. When it first ventured into the market, there were other apps of its genre that were dominating at the top. Yet it has paved its way among the top elites due to its unique and credible functionalities.

With delightful features of media download, Vidmate is an application that you will love to have in your device. Through this application, you can brace yourself for a new experience that will let you download from a plethora of media platforms like Dailymotion, Vine, and Facebook. Further, it offers you the flexibility of a customized choice when it comes down to file formats, resolution, and different qualities. You can download its APK which provides the added convenience of internal memory optimization making room for other applications too.

Vidmate offers one of the simplest modus of downloading a video. It gives you the provision of multiple downloads in one go. You do not have to line up your favourite videos in the queue. Thus, you will have a better user experience and get all your desirable media files in the least possible time.

Considering that YT has implemented stringent rules of downloading media from its platform, yet the Vidmate has the necessary configuration to bypass the platform’s vigilance. You can check not only the progress of download but also customize the video quality, resolution, and format.

Part 3. Why We Choose Vidmate

Vidmate is blessed with a user-friendly interface that makes navigation through the app very easy. Provided with a built-in browser searching for your preferred videos, music, or content has never been this easy before. All you need is to type the name of the desired movie or anything you want to search in the search bar. Apart from features of media downloads; you get valued add-ons cost-free access to live TV streaming in HD format.

Human beings are often driven irrational fears, and in the world of technology, one of the misunderstood or misinterpreted terminology happens to be the term APK. To explain in jest APKs are android equivalent to exe on windows platform. APK has its own set of advantages. First, it is difficult to infuse malicious programs along with it. Secondly, in comparison to other executables, APK occupies considerably lesser memory in your phone’s storage. It is a big plus considering that the storage and processing capacities are rather limited in microcomputing devices like smartphones.

When it comes to safety, Vidmate never compromises on it. You can download this app without any fear as it is free from malware and virus. This app has millions of users, and many of them are using this app for years now, and this customer retention is proof of its safety.

The salient features of Vidmate can be illustrated under the following bulleted points:

· User-friendly interface

· You can download any type of videos, movies, funny jokes from one place.

· Compatible with different multimedia files

· Support for different platforms

· Concurrent downloads of multiple files

· Pause and resume download session

· Compatible with different video streaming sites

· Regional language support

· Provides best recommendations

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