Top 8 Japanese Anime Movies to Add to Your Watch List


The anime movie has now become a major feature of Japanese culture, and it has a very important position in the world, especially the works of director Hayao Miyazaki, director Makoto Shinkai and director Mamoru Hosoda have gain very high scores around the world. Since the development of Japanese animation, its types are becoming more and more diversified, and the plots are more deeply rooted in the hearts of people. So which Japanese anime movie is the best? Next, this article will introduce to you the top 8 of the best Japanese animation rankings, and some commonly used anime websites and apps.

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Best 8 Anime Movies of All Time

Top 1: Spirited Away

Chihiro and her parents drove to their new home and accidentally entered a mysterious tunnel on a suburban road. They went to another weird world, a medieval town. But after eating the food on the roadside, their parents turned into pigs suddenly. Chihiro fled in a hurry and was saved by Haku. In order not to be transformed into something else by magic, Chihiro searched for a job and also wanted to save her parents to let them turn back. Chihiro gradually embarked on a magical adventure.

Top 2: My Neighbour Totoro

Satsuki’s mother was ill in hospital. Her father took her and her four-year-old sister Mei to live in the countryside. They are very fresh about the environment and find many interesting things. They met many elves and became friends with a big fat dragon cat, Totoro. Totoro and elves use their magical power to bring many magical landscapes to Satsuki and her sister, which greatly widen their horizon.

Top 3: Hotarubi no Mori e

This is a story of love between a half-man, half-demon and a human being destined to be full of sorrow. Six-year-old girl, on her way back to her grandfather’s home in the countryside during the summer vacation, lost her way in the forest, which is full of mountain gods and monsters. At this time, a masked teenager, Gin, promised to take the girl out of the forest. Gin is a half-man and half-demon teenager. If he touches human beings, he will disappear, so the girl cannot touch Gin. Once, after Gin and the girl had just expressed their feelings to each other, Gin accidentally touched a human child and finally disappeared.

Top 4: Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Legend has it that there is a castle suspended in the sky, which contains countless treasures of gold and silver, so the military and pirates began to cast covetous eyes on the castle. Sheeta’s magic necklace is the power stone to make Castle in the Sky work, and she herself is the princess of Laputa Kingdom. But Sheeta was eventually captured by the military, so Pazu went to save her and saw the Castle in the Sky!

Top 5: Princess Mononoke

In order to save the villagers, Ashitaka was cursed with his right hand and had to leave the tribe to relieve it. On the way, he was involved in a battle between the humans led by Maggie and the beasts led by the ghost princess Mononoke. Despite Ashitaka’s sympathy and understanding for the ghost princess, he remained on the human side against her until he was saved by the unicorn in one war, and he began to wonder if he was really right to do so.

Top 6: Your Name

One is a girl who lives in a mountain village witch family but yearns for a big city life. The other is a boy who lives in a big city busy for his studies. At an accidental moment, they exchanged bodies and began to experience each other’s life. It was supposed that such a life would last forever, but the two people did not know what kind of secret behind all this, and this secret also made them more closely related to each other.

Top 7: Howl’s Moving Castle

Because of her stepmother, Sophie and her two sisters were sent to the hat shop as apprentices, and as time went on, only Sophie persisted. But a vicious witch turned Sophie into an 80-year-old grandma because of jealousy, and made Sophie unable to tell the secret to others. Sophie had no choice but to leave the town to go to the moving castle that nobody dared to go. It was precisely because this action completely changed Sophie’s fate.

Top 8: The Wind Rises

This anime movie tells the story of Japanese Z-plane developer Jiro Horikoshi. When he was young, he became fascinated with airplanes. When he grew up, he became an airplane designer because of his fascination. During the big earthquake, he met the love of his whole life and finally got together after breaking up and closing up. Unfortunately, it was a war-shrouded era, Jiro Horikoshi’s dream became a killing machine, which made him feel more contradictory.

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