Top 5 Tamil Songs You Would Download and Play on Repeat


Talking about Tamil songs, which piece of song immediately rush up in your mind? Tamil music is a great part of Tamil culture that worth being inherited and promoted. Be it tractional folk, pure romance or catchy pop, there are always some of Tamil songs that fit into your taste.

The post will list the recent top 5 Tamil songs you would play on loop and provide ways to free download Tamil songs on VidMate.

Tamil Songs Free Download on VidMate

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Top 5 Tamil Songs You shouldn’t Miss

No.1 Kanne Kanne — Anirudh Ravichandran

Ayogya was release on 10 May��2019. Reproduced from a 2015 Telugu film, this Tamil-language Action movie starring Vishal, R. Parthiepan and Raashi Khanna has received many positive reviews from both audience and critics. As Tamil singer Anirudh Ravichandran’s beautiful singing merged with the romantic and relaxed scenes in the music video, there’s no doubt that Kanne Kanne in now hitting the headline. You may watch this Tamil song new video and save it on your phone on VidMate APP.

Kanne Kanne (Ayogya) — Anirudh Ravichandran

No.2 Menaminiki — Hiphop Tamizha, Benny Dayal, Snigdha

Fan of peppy songs can never miss the new released Tamil song Menaminiki. Mr. Local, an upcoming Tamil comedy, features music composed and sung by famous Indian musical duo Hiphop Tamizha. When dealing with this song, HipHop Tamizha managed to make the whole song sounds fluent and catchy by the prefect arrangement and performance of merging harmonies. Download the song on your phone via VidMate free download function and set as your ringtone!

Menaminiki (Mr. Local) — Hiphop Tamizha, Benny Dayal, Snigdha Ayogya

No.3 Vantha Naal Mudhal — T. M. Soundararajan

The soundtrack of 1996 Tamil movie Paava Mannippu received critical acclaim, with the old Tamil song "Vantha Naal Muthal" becoming popular hits.

Vantha Naal Mudhal (Paava Mannippu)— T. M. Soundararajan

No.4 Vera Level U — Deepak, Pooja Vaidyanath

Another Tamil new song from the latest movie Ayogya. It is a great treat for those who are passionate for dance beats. This is a song that you would get addicted as you are well attracted by the tempo and the spirit it brings in.

Vera Level U (Ayogya) — Deepak, Pooja Vaidyanath

No.5 Nenje Ezhu — A. R. Rahman

R. Rahman is well- known as an Indian music director, composer, musician and singer. The gentle song Nenje Ezhu is written for the Tamil film Maryan and it becomes one of the greatest hits of 2013. You will feel the emotion in the song better if you’ve watched the movie. The lyrics well balance the words and emotions in the song. Free download this classic Tamil song on VidMate and feel the poignant and moving lyrics!

Nenje Ezhu (Maryan) — A. R. Rahman

Download VidMate and get your favorite Tamil songs free download now! Hope you enjoy.