Top 10 Rated TV Series in India you can’t miss


Web series is a new concept of entertainment that has become very popular in India and all over the world. Here, dramas are present in a cinematographic way. People are intrigued by this new concept, and as of now, there are several popular web series that are streamed on live TV platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. In this article, a comprehensive list of Indian Web Series is provided, which is running successfully. It provides a delightful way to spend your leisure time keeping you entertained all the way. One of the best things about web series is they are free of censorship which lets them portray real-life stories without manipulation.

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Part 1. Top 10 rated tv series in India.

In the Indian entertainment industry television programs and films have an observable difference. People all over the civilized are aware of Bollywood, and its productions are much appreciated and praised. The television industry is forced to rethink beyond it stereotypical melodramas plots and reinvent the wheel. Producers have found a befitting option in web series. Conceptually, web series provide scriptwriters to create well thought out story plots.

We have listed down ten popular Indian Web series that you will not want to miss.

1. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

It is a well-acted play whose stories are taken from the immemorial writings of the legendary Bengali poet, writer, and noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Most of the short stories here have its plot revolving around tainted relationships as perceived by the society in the pre-independence era. Rabindranath Tagore was among the few writes of the time that has portrayed women folk as a strong and dynamic personality which is in sharp contrast to the conservative mindset of the time. Here every story has a unique concept, and they have the feel of the eras successfully. The performance of talented actors like Radhika Apte, Amrita Puri, Rohan Shah, and Sumeet Vyas has been impressive.

2. Selection Day

The plot of this web series revolves around two budding cricketers who are very passionate about the sport and their father’s obsession to make them the future cricket star of India. Unfortunately, he pushes them too hard in their pursuit, which seems to have a negative effect. Generally, serials and films that were based on sports have not been very popular or a mega-hit with few exceptions. These web series seem to break somewhat the ice that existed among viewers and so far the web series has gained a lot of praise.

3. Jamtara Sub Ka Number Ayega

Netflix was going down in India after a series of disappointing ventures. However, things have changed since the streaming of this web series. The plot of the story revolves around a group of boys from Jamtara as they were operating a lucrative phishing scam. The story presents us with two protagonists, Sunny and Rocky. Their ambition of earning money and power is worth fully presented by several new actors. Moreover, this web series is based on true events. Here, we can understand the consequences of having unprecedented greed, malevolent aspirations, and the craving of power. Director Soumendra must be applauded for presenting the story with a different twist and turns. So the plot does not become predictable and keeps the audience engaged.

4. Rangbaz

This web series is based on the life of infamous criminal Shree Prakash Shukla. The name of the character is changed to Shiv Prakash Shukla. The plot of the story begins in a setting of the year 1992 where a twenty-year-old Shiv Prakash Shukla was happy with his normal regular life until an eve teaser starts misbehaving with his sisters and ends up being killed at the hands of Shukla. Thus, they began the malevolency that turned a normal regular guy to a heinous crime with political backing. Through the turn of events, he grows into power and ultimately debunks his boss to create his empire. The lead actor Saqib Salem delivers an outstanding performance. He successfully steps into the skin of the dreaded gangster.

5. Sacred Games

From the very first scene, the audience will understand that the plot of the story will portray the dark side of human nature as they are shocked to see a pretty puppy being thrown out of a towering skyscraper. The talented duo of director Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya has already put in line with the high expectations of the audience. It also casts talented actors like Saif Ali Khan Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte.

6. Mirzapur

The plot of this story is based on a gang war where the characters can go to any extent for securing more power. Right from the opening scene, you will understand that you are about to witness a killing spree. Here, the audience is taken to a lawless land where someone called Kaleen Bhaiya, who runs the illegal business of drugs, guns, and blackmailing under cover of a carpet business. His only son Munna has the ambition of stepping in his father’s shoe and can go to any extent.

7. Yeh Meri Family

It only takes a thirteen old boy belonging to an average convey the message to the audience about the plot with a dialogue “summer is festival, not a season”. Thee plenty of nostalgic elements in the series like hearing cricket commentary, on the radio, talking on a cordless phone, WWF trump cards, and many more. The plot of the web series revolves around a series of events that take place during summers in a family of five. Although the story lacks originality, it mends up by presenting a glorified throwback of good old days.

8. Made in Heaven

The plot of this web series is based on two Indian wedding designers and a bride-bridegroom. They often lie and deceive each other to have their way. Here is a life lesson that no matter how smart or clever you are life will pay you back in your coin and there is no escape. Besides, it unveils the ugly face of a high society wedding that lies behind all its pomp and splendor.

9. Little Things

The biggest USP of this web series is the plot itself showing how love blooms in a busy city like Mumbai between two youngsters which is both realistic and refreshing. Ever since it was streamed online, it has own millions of hearts and continues to be one of the most-watched web series. It has recently completed its second season. It shows the state of relationship two couples as the two major characters chase their ambition. Dhruv has made a humble beginning as a data analyst while Kavya is making impressive progress in her career. It shows the power imbalance between couples without over-dramatizing their situation.

10. Breathe

Here, a loving father indulges and executes some crazy acts for saving his only son Josh who needs a lung transplant soon to live on. However, he is fourth on the receiver’s list. The father is inconsolable, although the rank does not seem to be too bad. Finally, Danny, i.e. father of the boy plans to kill the organ donors who are ranked higher than his son.

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