Please Update VidMate From Harm


Dear users, partners, and anyone who are concerned about VidMate,

1.Recently some users feedback their installations or updates for VidMate are blocked by Google Play Protect, and even the existed VidMate are deleted by system automatically.

2.No worries and take a deep breath! It’s because some old versions still have the unoffcial harmful bugs, Mango, a third party SDK, which against the Privacy/Security Policy and blocked by Google.

3.We terminated their service in the first time but Google won’t make a fast response.

4.To protect you from danger better and make you more assured, please download and update to the latest 4.1288 or above version on the official website: https://www.vidmateapp.com (please uninstall the old version first if you can’t install directly).

Bonding with our users from past 6 years, please believe that we always care about the user‘s experience and safety, welcome your suggestions and immediate feedback!

VidMate Team.