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Part 1. Malayalam WhatsApp Status Video Download

Is it a tedious task for you to search for different Malayalam Whatsapp status on the internet? If yes, then most of us have the same feeling. Surfing through different websites and picking the best status videos for sharing them on Whatsapp eats up most of our time. Vidmate App is here to address your problem of Whatsapp status in Malayalam. This app has a terrific collection of Whatsapp status of different moods. You just type what type of Whatsapp status Malayalam videos you need, and the platform will cater to you in a few seconds. This is what most of the Vidmate lovers like, and that’s the reason, the app has made its place in the mobile of millions of people globally.

Whether you are looking for funny, sad, motivational, love, cool, or any type of status videos, mention the same in the search bar, and you will get a list of videos. You can download these videos with a few clicks for sharing it with others. These videos are of excellent quality, and while downloading, you will get an option to choose the pixel quality of status videos for more convenience. So, download this app now and start using it to share the status of different moods with your friends.

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Part 2. Funny WhatsApp Status Malayalam Videos

Laughter is good medicine. We are here to act humorously to make you and your friends laugh a lot. There are people who are fond of funny videos, as they love to watch them in their free time. Hence we are here to make them laugh with our excellent collection of top 5 funniest WhatsApp status videos, which can make you roll on the floor while laughing. If you are Kerela, then you will enjoy these videos more than others, as these clippings are in Malayalam, your mother tongue. You can share all these funny Whatsapp status in Malayalam for laughing with your loved ones.

Choose the one you liked the most and keep it in your status. There are a wide array of laughter videos available on the internet. Yes, we have gone through them and came up with some quality videos with a good laugh. So, it’s time to watch, laugh and enjoy.

1. This video is a conversation between a car mechanic and its owner. Enjoy the funny moments they share and laugh loud.

Malayalam funny WhatsApp status:

2. This video shows a funny conversation between family members. Watch it and enjoy it.

Malayalam funny Whatsapp status| Whatsapp status

3. This video shows the funny thug life. Burst into laughter by watching this video. Watch it now.

Thug life| Malayalam funny thug life| Malayalam funny whatsapp status

4. This video shows the comedy done by the students in the classroom. This will remind you of your college moments.

Malayalam funny status

5. This 24 seconds video shows the funny phone conversation between two people.

Whatsapp status funny Malayalam comedy

Part 3. Love WhatsApp Status Malayalam Videos

Do you want such status videos in Malayalam, which can make your loved one fall in love deeply with you? In case you want your partner to understand your love and make your relationship strong and satisfied, then we are here with some great collections of love whatsapp status in Malayalam. You can show your real love emotions to your loved one through these Whatsapp status videos. Falling in love is human nature, and without love, we can imagine a life. Our parents are our first love, and as we become young, we get a life partner with whom we share our love. And finally, our kids, whom we love the most.

So, love can be in any form, but it's important that you show them to everyone who deserves it. So, here we are with some good videos which you can keep in your Whatsapp status and show your loved one, how much you love them.

1. This beautiful romantic song will boost the love between you and your partner.

Hima Mazhayayi| New Malayalam Whatsapp status

2. This video shows the love of a father for this son. Watch this emotional video and realize the love of your parents.

Father Love Whatsapp status Malayalam

3. This melodious song will compel you to keep it your whatsapp status.

Feel the music| New Whatsapp status|Azwin BFMs#status#malayalam#bgm#romantic

4. The video is based on the love of a mother for their kids. Share this with your mother for showing your love for her.

Best Whatsapp status about mother with Malayalam Lyrics HD

5. This video shows the feelings of Mr. Chemban Vinod on love. This personality is a renowned actor and screenwriter of Malayalam films.

New Malayalam Dialogue Whatsapp status 2018|Chemban Vinod Abouth Love

Part 4. Life attitude WhatsApp Status Malayalam Videos

Are you looking for some best collection of life attitude status videos in Malayalam? We are here with the same. After going through an ample number of videos, we have come up with some excellent quality and productive videos which can change your mindset towards life. Life teaches us a lot of lessons, and to implement them in our routine journey is a good thing. We Indians are characterized to carry our own life attitude. Keeping the same in our Whatsapp status shows our mood to loved ones. We hope you will love to go through all the videos, as they are unique in themselves.

All these videos are compelling, and you will surely watch them repeatedly. So, enjoy all these videos in your mother tongue, as the language which we speak commonly, in the one in which we want to express our attitude.

1. This video shows the boy’s attitude towards single life and why they find it good.

Single life| Boys attitude Malayalam dialogue Whatsapp status video

2. In this video, you can see Shane Nigam giving a inspirational speech. Watch it if you love this Malayalam actor.

Shane Nigam successful life inspiration Malayalam Whatsapp status video

3. This video shows a strong message about life, watch this inspirational video for implementing the message in your life.

About life|| Malayalam Whatsapp status

4. The below video can teach you some important life lessons, do watch it, and share it with your friends.

Life lessons|| Motivational|| joseph annamkutty jose whatsapp status|| malayalam

5. This is an inspirational video taken from a Malayalam movie ‘Vikramadithyan.’

Inspirational Whatsapp status video in Malayalam movie “Vikramadithyan”

Part 5. Sad Status Malayalam Videos

Many times in life we go through some painful and sad situation which we want to overcome soon. Well! These situations are only for a short duration, but it becomes hard to control our emotions during that period. We are here with some sad Whatsapp status in Malayalam, which will not let you feel alone. These status videos may match with your current situation and can make you feel relaxed. Keep in mind that whatever situation through which you are going is only for a short duration. So, watch these videos, and you may like to keep them as your Whatsapp status for sharing your mood with loved ones.

Below are 5 top sad videos, just click on the links, and you can get some of our best video collection. Watch them as this may allow you to feel relaxed and can make you understand that such a situation comes with most of us, so you are not alone.

1. The heart touching sad lines mentioned in the video may make you feel that you are not alone in this world. So, cheer up, sadness doesn’t last long.

New Malayalam sad Whatsapp status

2. These sad quotes may match up with your feelings, go through the video, and share your status with your loved ones.

Malayalam Whatsapp status| Sad status Malayalam| Motion whatsapp status Malayalam|

3. This sad whatsapp status video is a conversation between a couple. Watch it and feel the emotions.

New Malayalam sad Whatsapp status

4. This is an animated video showing the truth of life. Watch it, but remember that sad moment's fade away soon.

Malayalam sad Whatsapp status!

5. This is a heart-touching dialogue that surely makes you feel the emotions.

Malayalam Sad Whatsapp status| heart touch dialogue|

Part 6. Cool Status Malayalam Videos

Sometimes, people like to watch some cool videos, which is full of comedy scenes or anything which entertains them the most. Here we are with some cool Whatsapp status in Malayalam, which you will love to watch. Cool status videos can be anything; it can be an attitude of a person, which you want to follow, or it can be any life-related quote or any funny video. We have collected the below links by going through several videos as these links contain the best videos which can refresh your mood.

These videos are in your mother tongue, thus adding one more reason to watch them. You can share these videos through Whatsapp status, as these are short clippings that are suitable for Whatsapp. So, stream them online or save them in your device; these videos are good to watch in your free time.

1. This super cool video will double your love for your partner. Must watch it.

Malayalam Dialogue Whatsapp Status| Fahad Fazil| New Whatsapp status Malayalam

2. Below is the lyrical status video. Enjoy the lyrics and read the message it wants to convey.

Malayalam Lyrical Whatsapp Status Video

3. This love status in Malayalam will refresh your mood. Enjoy this cool video with our soulmate.

Whatsapp status| Malayalam Love Status

4. This is a cool funny cartoon showing the funny thung life.

Funny Thung Life-Malayalam Comedy Cartoon Bobanum Moliyum-Whatsapp Status

5. This is the melodious tune that you will love to listen to relaxing your mind.

Feel the music| New Whatsapp status| Love 4 BGM #status #malayalam #bgm #romantic

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