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Narrowing down the best Lady Gaga songs is always going to be a difficult task. This pop superstar has delivered multiple albums and hits, which are praised all over the world. Few exquisite tracks define her and her dazzling career. In 2018, Lady Gaga marked the tenth year in the business, and it was close to impossible to deny her colossal presence. We have cataloged the ten jewels of a song that defines this superstar. She has also collaborated with different superstars like Tony Bennet, David Bowie, and Madonna in her illustrious career.

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Part 1. Top 10 Lady Gaga Songs & Videos

Till it happens to you

A haunting orchestral ballad was penned down for Netflix Documentary, The Hunting Ground. The song is punched in the movie on the backdrop of sexual violence on college campuses. To download Lady Gaga new songs, please click the link provided below

You and I

The song is undoubtedly one of the landmarks in Gaga’s career. There are several instances in the song which the artist has designed keeping in mind thousands of swaying arms. For Lady Gaga Songs List click the URL given below.


The song has been declared by the Billboard as an Artpop romp, which was never released as a single. In Manicure, it is just a wonderful mantra to get over you man in Broadway musical. For Lady Gaga video songs download click the undermentioned link:


This number is a dance track that reflects the obsessive attraction of a girl towards the wrong guy without being able to break the cycle. The song is a remarkable specimen of Gaga’s vocal abilities.


This song is a follow up to the Fame Monster smashes in “Telephone” and “Bad Romance”. This number is indeed Gaga’s stab at the Europop. A sweaty –stompy production is ramping up during one of Gaga’s most effective hooks to date.

Perfect Illusion

In this song, Gaga teams up with Mark Ronson and Bloodpop to create the Perfect Illusion. Here, Gaga delivers a strong performance that makes it very captivating to listen. It seems that Gaga is hungry to scream out the truth.


The song is one of the best of Gaga’s numbers, which failed to make it to Broadway. It is one of those little rocking productions and a vocal performance recalling Freddie Mercury representing a crucial moment on The Fame Monster.

The Edge of Glory

She drew inspiration from the passing of her Grandfather in 2010. The song is typical of grim finality with a profound Springsteen arrangement, which is undoubtedly the Pop Superstar’s most prolific choruses until now.


This song is a duet with an epic chorus in the end. The song was nominated for the 2019 academy awards that bring into light the aspiring songwriter character into the spotlight.

Born This Way

This song happens to be the 1000th that hit the number one spot in Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song will be remembered for being an overtly homosexual anthem in Gaga’s discography.

Part 2. Best five live shows of Lady Gaga

Paparazzi: 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

The flamboyant singer performed this song, which is about a self-obsessed singer in a love-hate relationship with fame. She expresses beautifully through this dilemmatic song her indecision for paparazzi love or real love. This song inducts Gaga to the darker and edgier side of which she will soon be a part.

Speechless: 2009 Royal Variety Performance

Few singers have the distinguished honour to perform in front of the queen. In 2009, Lady Gaga, following her newly acquired fame, was invited to England for singing at the Royal Variety Performance before Queen Elizabeth II. Gaga seized the moment by performing the 70s inspired ballad Speechless from her 2009 album The Fame Monster. For this performance, Gaga Dressed herself in a long red gown with an Elizabethan ruff, and she sang from a grand piano that was 20 feet above the stage and orchestra.

Born This Way: 2011 Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga released her third album after a gap of two years, and she performed the hit number Born This Way at the Grammy Awards 2011. She gave a breathtaking performance, which was full of creative visual design, bold dance moves, and her powerful voice. She arrived on the stage in an unforgettable egg-shaped container.

You And I: 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Born This Way was a masterpiece of Lady Gaga and it featured chart-topping singles like “Marry The Night”, “Judas”, “You and I”, and “The Edge Of Glory”. You and I were the opening song of the event. In this performance, Calderon wails about a tortured relationship with Gaga in a monologue of three minutes and then takes control of the piano, and later she is accompanied by the Queen guitarist Brian May.

Applause 2013 MTV music video award

It was one of the most visually exciting performances as the singer kept changing her wigs and costume, making the audience clap in admiration.

Part 3. Download Lady Gaga Songs to MP3 / MP4

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