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Katty Perry made her debut 11 years ago, and her journey in the world of pop music has been one of a rollercoaster. So what made her successful? Well, she seems to have the Midas touch when it comes down to edging her winner’s formula with each release and slick ability to leave behind pleasant memories. She has a nice personality, and her charm seems to win overall odds. Astonishingly she has only four studio albums. However, as the master of a perfect pop single, Katy Perry songs continue to dominate the chartbusters. If you are searching for the perfect Katty Perry songs download, then you can try the YouTube URLs given below. Also, at the end of this article, we will introduce you to the Vidmate app. This platform allows the download of Katy Perry songs with no charge.

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Part 1. Top 15 Katy Perry songs and videos

Users can always download Katy Perry songs albums from YouTube or through the Vidmate app. Below are the top 15 songs of this popular singer which you will love to play.

The One that Got Away

This song is a testament to the magic that Katty Perry creates with all of her songs, although this was one of her earlier songs.

Waking up In Vegas

Yes, Katty Perry nailed the song to perfection, but it should also be remembered for the contribution of Andreas Carlson and Desmond Child.

Can Calma

The song is one of the biggest hits of Katty Perry that was first aired in April 2019, and it drew inspiration from 1992 global hit Informer.


The time was right to adorn a pair of flares for Birthday, and the song's melody will take you back to the 70s disco.


Savan Kotchea wrote this song, and Katty Perry performed the song for the Democrats in the presidential election.

Bon Appetit

In reality, this song is a hybrid of the pop trap, which was recorded along with the US hip-hop acted Migos and picked as the second single from Witness.


This song was one of the best releases of her way back in 2010. With its universal theme, the song became a big hit on the radio.

Wide Awake

The song draws our attention to the fact that no matter how difficult the circumstances are, you must not stop moving forward.


In this song, Katty seems to delve deeper to set the dance floor on fire with beautiful electronic music.

Last Friday night

With this song, Kerry made it to the history books to become the first woman to have five US chart-toppers from the same album.

Hot N Cold

The song exemplifies that Katty Perry is more than just one-hit-wonder.

Dark Horse

The song initially was meant to be a promotional number for Prism, but it made it to the third single of the official album and topped the US charts in December 2015.

Teenage Dream

This song is an insistent romantic number with a subtle nostalgic tune and euphoric melody.

Swish Swish

This song is one of the most ambitious dance tracks released by her.


An electro hip-hop ballad topped the chartbusters and made it to be one of the best songs of her.

Part 2. Katy Perry career

Katty Perry has won five American Music award fourteen people’s choice awards, and she has four Guinness World records to her name. She also has a Brit award and Juno award to her name. It was in September 2012 that the Billboard named her as the woman of the year. She spent 69 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. HER famous album Teenage dream became the first album from a female artist to produce five number ones on Billboard Hot 100 singles, a rare feat second to Michael Jackson’s Bad. In the United States alone, she featured in the nine number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

Billboard attributed her success to be the 15th most successful dance club artist of all time. The International Phonographic Industry declared her as the Top Global Female Recording artist of 2013. As per the stats shown by RIAA, she is among the top five digital singles artists in the US. Right now, she has more than 100 million certified song units in the US, including the tally on on-demand streams. Further, she has more than 6 million certified album units.

Part 3. Download Katy Perry Songs to MP3 on Mobile

When it comes to downloading music, movies, TV shows, and Whatsapp status, Vidmate is the app that most users prefer. The popularity of this app is because of its user-friendliness and security. Katy Perry is a renowned pop singer who has won the heart of millions of her fans. She has a gifted voice, and most of her fans love listening to all of her songs. If you are a big fan of this singer, get all her songs in one place with Vidmate. Search all the songs through the search bar, or you can directly type her name, and you will get a list of all her popular songs. So, get the best songs of Katy Perry free download through Vidmate.

Stop searching for ‘Katy Perry songs MP3 free download’ on a search engine, go with Vidmate. Apart from her videos, you can also download audio songs. This platform allows you to either stream the video or download them. All the videos are of HD quality, and this app doesn’t take any single penny from the users for availing this service, as they earn through ads. If you want to watch any of your favorite movies or TV shows, this app is a perfect platform for you. It contains all the famous movies and all the TV shows, so simply search them through the search bar and start streaming.

Step for downloading Katy Perry songs through Vidmate

Step1: Visit the official website and download the app from there. Open it.

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Step 2: On the search bar, type “Katy Perry all songs download,” You can type any of the phrases as per your choice.

Step 3: Click on the desired song, as shown in the image.

Step 4: Click on the download option.

Step 5: Again, click on the download option, as shown in the figure, to finally save it in the device.

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