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Marathi movies stands out from many mainstream Bollywood films, focusing on social equality, caste contradictions, and the fight against terrorism.

What do you think of Marathi movies?

Marathi, one of the languages recognized by the Indian Constitution, is the official language of Maharashtra State in Western India and several adjacent areas outside the state. Marathi language is a branch of Indo-European and Indo-Iranian languages. By using the artistic means of film, Marathi movies wish to express the real social problems. Recently, they have emerged in the Indian film industry and aroused tremendous social repercussions.

Download marathi movies for mobile

VidMate, a free Marathi movies downloading app, is a best tool to watch and download Marathi movies easily and directly. Below will show you some basic steps.

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Step 1: Install Vidmate on Your Android Device

Using this app you can download full hd movies from Youtube, Dailymotion, Instagram, and thousands of other platforms. You just need to download VidMate and install it on your computer or Android. You can quickly download this software with all its features from our official website: www.vidmateapp.com.

Step 2: Enter “Marathi movies” in the Search Bar

The user interface of VidMate is professionally designed, and anyone can understand and use it for the first time without any experience. Users can obviously search the movie directly in the VidMate’s search bar, by just entering “Marathi movies” in the top search bar. You are free to download latest bollywood movies, new marathi movies and new movies in hindi.

Step 3: Download Marathi Movies

VidMate boasts advanced download options which provide high conversion speed, allow background downloads, and also allow pause and resume the download anytime. Next, just click the download button on the screen, users can freely choose to download full Marathi movies in hd. What’s important, all the video resources provided on the VidMate app is totally free.

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Top 5 Marathi Movies Online Free to Download in 2018

  1. Farzand


Farzand, a biography drama period released in Marathi language in theatre. Digpal Lanjekar is all set to come up with an interesting story from history which will be based on the life of a great Maratha warrior Kondaji Farzand. Marathi moviemakers are often seen presenting period movies based on true events and real legends and this time again the fans will get to experience an interesting story from the Maratha history.

  1. Baban


Baban is a 2018 Indian Marathi Film directed by bhaurao karhade and produced by Vitthal Nanasaheb Karhade, Pramod Bhaskar Chaudhary, Bhausaheb Shahaji Shinde, Monali Sandip Phand. This Marathi movie focuses on Baban who, in an endeavor to convert a traditional business into a big one, strives hard to fulfill his dreams of prosperity. But the circumstances lead him elsewhere, which in turn gives rise to a storm. It is slated to release on March 23, 2018.

  1. Aapla Manus

Aapla Manus

Aapla Manus (English: Our Man) is a 2018 Indian Marathi language mystery movie directed by Satish Rajwade and produced by Ajay Devgn and Abhinav Shukla. This Marathi movie describes a story of young couple living in an urban area. The couple lives with the father of the man. They are trying to understand the complexities of the relationship and at the same time they are trying to cope with the urban life. Some unexpected incidents happen in their life, which have changed their beliefs and way of living.

  1. Baapjanma


Nipun Dharmadhikari’s debut film, Baapjanma, talks about a serious subject in a lighter vein. This is a story of a retired man who is contented with his routine life. Bhaskar Pandit is a senior citizen living only with his caretaker Mauli and his dog Tiger. However, everything changes when he is diagnosed with Cancer. He gets the desire to sort out his life before finality.

  1. Nadi Vahate

Nadi Vahate

Nadi Vahate (English: River Flows) or Nadi Vaahate is a Marathi feature film written and directed by Sandeep Sawant. Should I save my river and how? These are the questions that drive this entire film. It is a story of the relationship between the flowing of a river, the ecological balance and the dependence of humans on the river.

Can’t wait to watch and download Marathi movies? Let’s have a try and install VidMate from its official website.

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