Highly Recommend Five Hindi Cartoon Movies


Hindi cartoon movies, featured by vivid and lively plots, have been developed for more than a hundred years.

Like Hollywood cartoon movies, there are also a huge amount of excellent and entertaining animated movies produced from India. The Indian animation industry encompasses traditional 2D animation, 3D animation and visual effects for feature films. Hindi cartoon movies include not only some interesting and funny cartoons suitable for kids to watch, but also some cartoons that tell profound philosophy of life with simple stories. The latter are provided for both adult and child human mind.

If you are confined to singing and dancing movies in India, you should not miss this article. In fact, Hindi cartoon movies have been developed for more than a hundred years. Here are the 5 Hindi Cartoon movies you don’t want to miss.

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Next section will show you a Hindi cartoon movie list, including five well-known Hindi cartoon movies.

  1. Hanuman

Hanuman is a monkey god in Ramayana. He is wise and brave. He helped Ramayana save his wife Sita from the devil. This is India’s first two-dimensional animated feature film made in China. The Hindi cartoon movie received a great success and won 81.8 million rupees at the box office. At that time, it greatly encouraged the creative enthusiasm of the creators. For hd Hindi cartoon movies, you can take a look at VidMate app.

  1. Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo is an animated film with strong Indian color. The characters in the Hindi cartoon movie are vivid and lovely, the plot is humorous and romantic, which opens a gap for Indian film industry to seek a breakthrough in the structure of animated cartoons for a long time. Although this Hindi cartoon movie has a lot of influence from Disney cartoons, it naturally incorporates a large number of Indian singing and dancing scenes.

  1. Delhi Safari

Delhi Safari is a 2012 Indian bilingual stereoscopic 3D computer-animated comedy feature film directed by Nikkhil Advani. A group of funny and humorous animal companions are brave and fearless to protect the environment, showing their friendship and affection. VidMate app show you plenty of cartoon movie videos. The Hindi cartoon movie has a relaxed style, fresh pictures, many kinds of animals and cute styles. Through the mad adventures of a group of small animal partners, it conveys a series of educational connotations, such as environmental protection, inspiration, friendship and family affection.

  1. Ramayana: The Epic

Ramayana: The Epic is a 2010 Indian computer-animated film from Maya Digital Media. The whole story is about Ramayana and his wife, Sita. Nowadays, people are far away from that mythical era, but the story of Ramayana still influences people’s life, thoughts and culture. At Festival gatherings in many places, people either watch the drama performance of Ramayana or enjoy the singing and dancing performances related to it.

  1. Bird Idol

The Hindi cartoon movie revolves around a little bird called Hummi, who is not satisfied with bird music and is impressed by human music and yearns for it. So by participating in a competition called “Bird Idol” and showing his real efforts, he attracted human attention, but put himself and his parents in a dilemma...The music in the film is moving, the characters are lovely, and the plot can also bring reflection on how human beings and animals coexist.

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