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If you see a great music video on YouTube with three hours long, but you just want to download the audio directly instead of the video pictures. What should you do? What do you do when you see favorite songs, inspiring speeches or funny stand-up comedy clips on YouTube and want to save them? You can choose to easily convert videos to MP3 audio files for easy storage. There are many conversion methods.

The following will introduce a very convenient and fast method. By installing VidMate video software - a free Youtube video converter to MP3, you can watch and download YouTube videos at will. You can also download MP3, M4A audio or MP4 videos with different definitions from 144p to 1080p HD according to your personal preferences.

VidMate - Free YouTube Video to MP3 Converter

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VidMate video download software is a YouTube video to MP3 online converter with high quality that can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other video sites. You can enjoy your videos anytime, anywhere, even if you are offline. With user-friendly interface, this video to MP3 converter is extremely easy to use and will be you go-to source to discover and download all sorts of content from popular social platforms. After installing VidMate, just by some simple steps, you can easily convert videos to MP3 format.

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3


Go to YouTube and find the video you want to convert to audio. Play the video and make sure that you open the right video page and that the video can be played properly, so that you can copy the right link in the address bar.


Copy the video URL from the address bar. Find the address bar in the middle of the top of the browser window, highlight the video address, then right-click the mouse and select “Copy” button.


Paste the website into the VidMate conversion software. Open the newly downloaded VidMate video software and paste the website into the search bar above. Right-click the mouse and select “Paste” button.


Select download format. VidMate conversion software usually gives you several download options. The higher the quality, the larger the file and the more hard disk space it occupies. Of course, this also means that audio sounds better.


Give the downloaded document a proper name. VidMate conversion software automatically adds songs and video information, such as video name, singer, song name, album and release date. Check before clicking “Download” button or “Convert” button to make sure that the information is accurate.


Download the file. After selecting the video file, quality and location to convert, you can start downloading the video. Unless you want to download a video longer than a regular song, such as an hour of speech, the entire download process should not exceed a few minutes.

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If you find it too inconvenient to copy video addresses from YouTube, you can also download VidMate video software directly. VidMate also has a dedicated YouTube video entry. When you click on the download and choose the MP3 format, so that the video will automatically be converted to audio files. This YouTube video converter to mp3 are available to download for free from its official website:

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