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Ed Sheeran has already embarked on his quest for musical domination worldwide with the release of his latest album following the success of “Shape of You.” It is just a matter of time before we come to know the impacts of his latest numbers. Until then, let us check out what Ed Sheeran has delivered for the world of music with the top ten songs sung by him.

In this article, we will first let you know about the Ed Sheeran songs download through YouTube links. But you can also do Ed Sheeran songs MP3 download through Vidmate, an app which contains songs of all the singers.

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Part 1. Top 10 Ed Sheeran songs and videos

Thinking Out Loud

This video song is a slow dance featuring Ed as the groom who is having her first dance with the bride. It finally secured the number 1 spot after 19 weeks in the top 40, where it topped the chartbuster for two consecutive weeks and featured in the top 10 for 20 weeks. This number made it to the record books for being in the top 40 for a whole year. More than 1.19 million copies of this song were sold, and it was the most-streamed video with an impressive number of 113 million streaming. Moreover, it was the only song to be streamed 500 million times on Spotify.

The A Team

This number was Ed’s first-ever UK hit in 2011. For four weeks, it featured in the top three and made a big impact on Ed’s other chartbuster. This number is indeed a heartfelt ballad that Deals with the issue of drug addiction. It was Ed’s first-ever million sellers with 1.1 million copies sold.

Shape Of You

Although the song has been in the lips of the young generation, the number soared its way to the book of records for being the best hit ever of Ed Sheeran. More than 488,500 copies have been downloaded, and the song was streamed for more than 77.43 million times.


With this song, Ed Sheeran makes a strong comeback featuring Pharrell Williams, who contributed to production duties. Ed’s first-ever UK number was to hit top one right from the date of its release in June 2014.


This song is the last one from Ed’s second album X. The song was released in the summers of 2015 and got its best ranking in November. 363,000 copies were sold, and it racked up 73.5 million streams.

Lego House

The quietness of the song does not give proper expression to the vocal ability of the singer. However, Ed does justice to this song by sweetly crooning the romantic tune.

Kiss Me

In this song, Ed Sheeran adds a whispery touch. The tender lyrics of this song find beautiful expression in sultry singing.


In this song, you can find the true brilliance of Ed Sheeran’s voice. He sounds great, whether he is rapping, whispering, or belting.


This song shows the rapper in Ed Sheeran and is a good example of combining rap song with an Irish jig.

Castle On the Hill

This song, the story of Ed Sheeran’s upbringing and the beats, will make your heart pump and synchronize your lips with the song.

Part 2. Ed Sheeran awards

1. Winner of the Best British Male Solo Artist in 2015

2. Winner of Best Music International in 2017

3. In 2018 he won the Grammy award for Best Pop Solo Performance in the song Shape of You

4. In 2018 he also won the Blimp Award for the favorite song “Shape Of You.”

5. In 2017 he also won the MTV Europe Music Award for the Best Live Act

6. In the year 2017, he won the MTV Europe Music Award for the Best Live Act and the Best World Stage Performance

7. In 2017, Ed Sheeran was the winner of the VMA Artist of the year.

8. In 2014 he won the VMA best male video for the song Sing

9. In 2015 he won People’s Choice Award for the favorite album X

10. In 2014 he won the Teen Choice Award of Choice Single: Male Artist for the song Sing

11. In 2013 it was the first time that he won Teen Choice Award of Choice Music Breakout Artist

Part 3. Download Ed Sheeran Songs on Mobile

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