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If you do a Google search of the new millennium's best pop songs, you may find loads of chartbuster songs by Rihanna. Over the past 14 years, she has lent her voice to eight studio albums, which is nothing short of a cultural cornerstone, a bona fide icon who has beautifully sung the brighter side of a full generation. If you want Rihanna songs MP3 free download, then you have landed on the right page!

Rihanna is a complete package that seems to have a Midas touch. Besides having an illustrious career in Hollywood, she is a muse of the fashion world which has launched successful beauty brands. She is also a power in social media to reckon with.

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Thus, while compiling the best Rihanna songs, we have deterred from comparing one track against another. Instead, we have relied on our instincts to pick songs that seem to have flaunted the reckless being within us to find a manifestation with grace and style. So be ready for the best Rihanna songs to download and have a great time!

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Part 1. Rihanna 10 best songs

Are you excited for Rihanna MP3 songs free download? Well! Below are some Rihanna songs list free download from YouTube. However, you can download them easily through Vidmate,an app with a versatile collection of all songs, movies and much more.

Where Have You Been

All pop stars have one of those unique gems of a song that puts the whole audience in an auditorium to clap together in sync. For Rihanna, this is the one.


Rihanna is well aware of her value, and no one can fade it out. If you are the lucky one to be her lover, she will make you feel worthy too.


In Disturbia, you can feel the drama that takes a new direction that even did not need a spooky music video for conveying the underlying message. Claustrophobic, anxious lyrics when paired with relentless floor stomping produces that you can keep hearing.

Man Down

This song is a brilliant exhibition of a classic dancehall rendering the perfect summer vibe. By the end of the song, you will be moved by its emotional appeal.


The song is not a game-changer but has enough elegance to captivate your brain's pleasure center, something that a pop star will spend a lifetime chasing.

Pour it Up

This music video is one of the best things that Rihanna has done in her illustrious career. The song draws attention to the fact that she lives life in a way she wishes.

Drunk on Love

This song is a reminder that she can seriously belt it out the way she wants to.

Birthday Cake

You will not require any smooches because it is so delicious.

Sex With Me

This is one of the most popular self-love anthems, which boast of your lovemaking skill in the bedroom.

Love The Brain

This is a number where Rihanna tries her hand in a good old-fashioned doo-wop number while knocking it out in the park that cements her place as a diva for every occasion.

Part 2. Rihanna top five best albums

Rated R

Organizing a flawless discography can be a tough task, but one thing is for sure that this album will chart at the bottom of the ranking system. The only exceptions of this album are the Rockstar 101 and the Rude Boy. The rest of the songs fail to impress. It seems that Rihanna wants to portray herself as edgy and different.

A Girl Like Me

This is her second album besides the release back to back after her debut. The album features a remix and sequel of two different songs from her. It is one of Rihanna's better albums, although she was in a hurry with it. The album does feature the grace of Rihanna that we are so familiar with.

Music of the Sun

It is one of those albums of Rihanna, which will set the dance floor on fire as the song exemplifies her Barbadian upbringing and R& B nuances. Even now, the album seems to be timeless despite being the first-ever foray into music.

Good Girl Gone Bad

This album is one of Rihanna's best works that puts her on the map of contemporary Divas. It redefined the albums, which were produced in the late 2000s. The album features plenty of deep cuts that somehow appear addictive.

Talk That Talk

This album topped the list of trends of pop songs, which had a chorus studded with a beat breakdown that can be seen across multiple songs.

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