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Keepvid is a well-known online platform for downloading videos and has millions of users. It allows free of cost video downloading, which comprise of YT, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Google Video, and many more. In order to process the video and analyze it in a better manner, Keepvide requires Java programming. This platform generates revenue through ads. This platform is completely safe to use, but because of flaws and bugs present in Java, your computer may face some risk. Hence, it is recommended to updated Java with time. You should avoid clicking on ads present in Keepvid. There are Keepvid alternative apps which we will discuss in this article for protecting your device from any risk.

Part 1. Videoder's shortcoming

It is true that videoder is one of the popular downloader apps, but there are some shortcomings of this platform, which you should know before using it.

1. Sometimes you may face some technical error: And this is what you don't want, right? While watching any movie, or video, the one thing on which we can never compromise is the interruption. While watching a movie, we get involved in it, and in such a scenario, suddenly, a message of technical error causes unnecessary trouble. So, while using a videorder, you should keep this drawback in mind.

2. Slow Downloading speed: This is again unwanted trouble. In this world of internet, we have a habit of downloading any movie or video within a few minutes. But unfortunately, the videoder sometimes fails to follow this condition. You may face speed issues on this platform, which will be a real patience test for you.

3. This platform has stopped videos from YT: And this is one of the biggest drawbacks which can make you look for any other option. YT is a renowned platform for all types of movies and videos. So, if you are looking for YT videos only, Videoder is not a suitable match for you.

Part 2. Why we choose Vidmate

Vidmate is enjoying name and fame in the market because of its easy to use feature and security it offers to its users. It also allows users to share the video, which adds more convenience among users. You can share videos with your friends in any format such as MOV, ASF, 3GP, WMV, AVI, FLV, RM, SWF, and so on. Also, you can download videos in HD, 1080p, or 360p format. Thus you can pick the one as per the capability of your mobile.

You can download various videos, movies, and music from renowned platforms like YT, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Instagram, and MetaCafe through Vidmate. It also gives you an option to choose the video quality for considering your mobile's storage capacity. It is also possible to listen to music or play videos in offline mode as long as they are present in the App. This App is also known for its safety from viruses and other malware, and that's the reason its users' count has crossed 500 million globally.

When it comes to downloading movies and music, what are the users' expectations? Probably, they want uninterrupted service. Vidmate meets this condition without any failure. You can stream your favorite movie anywhere and anytime, or you can download it for watching it offline.

Part 3. The Features of VidMate

Download Vidmate and you will never get any reason to uninstall it. This is one of the most popular App, with millions of users from all over the world. Let's throw some light on the benefits of this App, which will make you a fan of this platform.

Get everything under one umbrella: Get whatever you want! Whether you are looking for the latest movies, music, videos, or funny jokes, Vidmate caters to everything. Moreover, you can download YT videos from this App without any interruption. You can download movies of any language from this App. Also, it has an exhaustive collection of old and latest movies for meeting the need for users of different age groups.

Safety comes first: While downloading any app, most of the users want to confirm the safety of their device. But this is not the case with Vidmate. This is a safe app that will not interrupt your mobile functionality. This platform is an old player in the market with millions of users. Such massive users is proof that this platform hasn't broken the trust of anyone.

User-friendly: This is another reason for you to download this App. Its friendly interface allows a user of any age to use it in a hassle-free manner. You can search for any movie, video, or anything by searching them directly on the search bar. Its searching process is quite fast, and you get the desired result within seconds. Also, for downloading movies or videos, it gives you an option to choose the pixels as per your choice.

It never hangs: There are apps which may get hang for some time, because of some technical issues. But this is not the case with Vidmate. Its flawless service has made it a leading app to download movies and videos.

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