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We often hear that Bengal cinema is dead. It is not like trivia, and it is okay, but those who claim or insist that Bengal does not have enough good movies have not watched enough, or have seen the wrong movie. An examination from 2017 shows that Bengali films have been blessed with two commercial David kettles and content-driven intermediate films. At the halfway mark of 2020 draws to a close, we return to the top ten Bengali films that have captured our hearts. If you want to download the Bengali full movie, check the link below.

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Part.1 10 Best Bangla Movies in 2020

1. Ahare Mon

Pratim D Gupta's "Ahra Mon" can fill your heart with warmth while returning a smile to your soul's tired face. This is a real celebration of film and life! The dilemmas in the design of the four stories and the unexpected equation between the protagonists have elements that immediately make us rejoice in the joy of young life. The film does not need intellectual questions or a happy conclusion. Movies tell only stories that are often hidden in social norms and the secular reality of life. Pritam D. Gupta recognizes the ability to tell a story and is also amazed at the vitality of the two characters. The combination of these characters makes the movie a lively, emotional, kaleidoscopic creature and even leaves a smile and complete satisfaction! For Bangla movie free download, check the link underneath.

2. Ek Je Chilo Raja

Ek Je Chhilo Raja witnesses the comeback of Srijit Mukherji to the helm of his career, ignoring the excessive criticism that has plagued all of his recent films over the past few years. Srijit makes this film unique, with great themes, great movie speeds, and some great shows. A special mention is required of the subject and the representative subject. Besides, the greatness and British colonial aura are beautifully constructed with deep production design and amazing Indra Deep Dasgupta music. However, there is a bit of unnecessary sub-layout, so you lose a bit of grip in film construction. However, it is the powerhouse, especially Jishu Sengupta and Jia Asan, who are the mentors of "Ek Je Chilo Raja'' returning to fame. For the New Bangali movie 2020 download, check the link given below.

3. Shonar Pahar

Shonar Pahar emphasizes the dim shadows of the elderly and how to build a strong bond between a child and an older woman. A film directed by Premartha Chatterji seeks to strengthen these links further. Kids need to spend more time with their families in the afternoon mouse race. This is a message he spreads, especially for grandparents who have the ability to nurture and shape their minds in the right way. The story revolves around an older woman who is driven into a strained relationship with her son and eventually finds peace in her friendship with her young child. Inspired by the incredibly realistic mischievous performances of Tanuha and Sando Jatto Pedai, Shonar Pahar is a gentle place to calm your mind and convey a deep and memorable emotional experience. Jishu and Perm enhance their cinematic experience with their brilliance without interfering with the warm and soft theatre tours of Upama and Bitlu. For the Bengali movie download, check the link below.

4. Bomkesh Gwotra

When it comes to presenting the truth of the deep lies of human sin, Byomkesh Goutoro makes the right chords. Whether it is an element of jealousy, greed, or passion, they easily move all the characters and make the film more fascinating. It is also one of the rare cases where your opponents manage to overwhelm the perfect hero.

5. Haami

Focusing on the burning issues that plague the younger generation of today, the Haami examines the latest narration of student-teacher relationships in modern urban schools. Directed by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherji, the film shows that minor issues are often bombarded by over caring parents and suspicious school authorities. An innocent kiss between two cute children creates a whirlpool of conflict that reflects a disgusting occurrence.

6. Maati

Matti breaks up Pauli Dam, who returns to his grandparents' home in Bangladesh a few years after the mysterious grandmother's death. Her grandmother, played by Aparajito Adhia, decided not to leave Bangladesh after the split but was later killed by one of her loyal men. Meghla found out that the descendants of the killer now lives in the same house.

7. Uronchondi

Directed by novice Abhishek Saa, "Uronchundi" oversaw the decent work at the box office. Promote the first Bengali film on the way and tell the story of four different people traveling together. The conspiracy follows the young truck driver Chuck who played three celebrities from three different generations - Chitrasan, Sudipta Chakarverti, rookie Raj Nandini Paul and Amartia Roy.

8. Generation Ami

Mainak Bhowmick pays homage to Ray's classic "Pather Panchali" in a unique style. For a teenage boy's nose, this is an exciting and very appealing age film. He managed to find a way out through his cousin Durga. The Ami generation succeeds mainly because these two heroes, the delicate equality and the excellent performance of Ritabrato and Saurasreni, give real feelings. However, if she continued to control the drama throughout the film and play the same song, the older generation tried to present through Mainak, the film experience would have been much better.

9. Pupa

Like Pupa's unique title, the plot is entirely different from the typical commercial we see. The family drama is about a "gift of kindness." For those who do not know what "euthanasia" is, ending a purposeful life for relieving pain and suffering is actually a negative practice.

10. Abyakto

There is a common saying - the best story ever talked about is in a simple way. There is no substitute for simplification. It brings something magical, one that can win hearts at a time. If the story is solid, it is best to tell it in the easiest way. Arjun Dutta, the novice director, understands this fact and knows why. His first feature film "Abyakto" is a short story about a mother-son relationship, and will surprise you with its innate power.

Part.2 Top 10 Bengali movies so far

1. Pather Pachali

Satyaji Roy directed this film, and the film won an Oscar for best direction.

2. Hirak Rajar Desh

This family movie was a big hit, and it was a sequel to Ray's other masterpiece Goopy Gayen Baagha Baayen.

3. Jukti Takko ar Galpoo

The film is famous for its unique cinematography

4. Meghe Dhaka Tara

This film by Ritwik Ghatok is one of his most celebrated movies.

5. Charulata

The film is known for its excellent sequences and dialogues.

6. Padma Nadir Majhi

It is an award-winning film by Gautam Ghosh.

7. Jalshaghar

The plot of this movie is based on the social norm of Zamindaari

8. The Japanese Wife

It is one of the best movies of Aparna Sen.

9. Nayak

This film features the legendary actor Uttam Kumar and director Satya Jeet Ray.

10. Anuranan

This film casts Rahul Bose, Rituparna Sengupta, and Riya Sen.

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